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“The Way to God Is through Our Mothers”

It seems I’m becoming like a preacher: Find God’s love, and gratefully reciprocate to God and to all.

But I differ, being psychologically-trained, in that I regard the way to God as being through our mothers. To come, at last, to Know her as the Mother of Love, to live in Belovedness and to act accordingly.

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“The Star Was My Mother”

When I was five, I was hospitalized with an illness from which it was thought I would die. (Thankfully, I was only told this many years later!) Every day as my mother turned to leave me she would start to cry, and so would I.

But one day, at that very moment, I switched on the radio beside my bed and heard a song that seemed to overcome all my fear and loneliness.

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“Amida the Goddess of Light and Compassion”

Shin Buddhists invoke Amida Buddha to be transported to The Free Land, to Heaven on earth.

We come to Heaven through Amida, the Goddess of Light and Compassion, the Mother of Love. Through seeing, Knowing, our own mothers as Her.

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“My Painting Is Nembutsu”

My painting is nembutsu, an invocation, a prayer, to Amida Buddha.

But as Shinran taught, it is not we who pray but Amida who prays through us.

So my painting is Amida painting to Herself.

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“Film Cameras Are Strong and Robust”

Film cameras, being natural, are strong, robust. But digitals, unnatural, are fragile, vulnerable. And so sensitive to our feelings.

Like all things on earth, both are imbued with spirit. It is obvious with my old Nikons, but with the digitals I must seek it, find it and nurture it – bringing it forward for us together to then reveal the Spirit.

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“I Find Myself Laughing at the Painting”

Brush still in hand, my eyes becoming clear, I find myself laughing at the painting. I’m surprised by my joy.[1] 

Laughter, Hobbes wrote, “is nothing but sudden glory arising from some sudden conception of some eminency in ourselves.”[2] 

Not in me – but through me.


[1] Apologies to Wordsworth.

[2] Leviathan

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“Whenever I Paint She Is Guiding Me”

“A new and shocking valuation of all we have been.” 
— T.S. Eliot

After so many years, the Realization that my mother was, and still is, The Mother. That she is Love. That I live in her Belovingness bestowed.

Whenever I paint, she as Her is always with me, guiding me, loving me.

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