“Tension and the Muscles of the Tongue”

It has been said that muscles have memories. And no muscles have more memories than the external muscles that control the tongue. Every negative emotion that has afflicted us throughout our lives, it seems, is held in those muscles – every cry of anguish, every sob of sorrow, every negative statement of anger, of resentment, of hurt.

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“An Improved Dental Appliance”

For many years most nights I have worn a series of dental appliances which have been very beneficial.
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“Two Dentists and Their Appliances”

The work of two remarkable dentists, Willie May and Joseph da Cruz, and their revolutionary dental appliances.
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“Breathing and the Respiratory Stumble”

Perhaps the first thing that happens when we are confronted with any sort of stress is that we jam our breath. We stop breathing. Watch the dental patient walk in the office and see the dental chair. Immediately his breathing will jam. He will have what we call a “respiratory stumble.”
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“How’s Your Memory?”

I once gave a seminar for a dental society and there, as with nearly every other dental society, we found the following: When the dentists thought of dentistry, nearly all of them suffered a lowering of their Life Energy, indicating the stress of their profession and the fact that they are ill at ease with their work.
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“Dental Appliances: Metal Across the Midline”

I saw a woman who was complaining of great difficulty with her thinking. She was aware that she was not able to think as clearly as she once could. We also found that she had quite a marked dyslexia. It was then that I discovered she was wearing a dental appliance that had metal crossing her midline.
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“Dentists and Intimacy”

Virtually every dentist is stressed by the statement that he likes his patients. If I ask a dentist to name the patients he saw the day before, he usually has difficulty remembering even one. But he can remember their mouths. If he does name a few patients − “I like Mr X,” and so on, he will usually find this stressful.
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“Dental Appliances: Problems with Acrylic”

I once saw three students who were patients of three different dentists, all highly skilled. These students each had a different type of acrylic appliance. They had been checked by their respective dentists, and all the appliances had been found to be of great benefit. In each case, however, we discovered that the student was allergic to the acrylic and thus was being harmed at the same time as he was being helped.
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