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“In Praise of Tolstoy”

Samuel Johnson: “It is always a writer's duty to make the world better.”
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“Writing is So Much Easier When I am Free”

Every day I write whatever comes to me to write about. And I love doing it. But if I am asked to write about a particular topic – even one I know well, and may of my own volition have written about previously, I don't enjoy the writing experience nearly as much.
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“Juan Mascaro’s Love of Mankind”

I have long admired, been so inspired by, Juan Mascaro's translations of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads and the Dhammapada. In many ways, even more than the Works themselves by his Introductions. Now – unfortunately – discarded by Penguin Classics!

I wrote to his widow who very kindly sent me a little booklet of his, "A Star from the East, An Appreciation of the Bhagavad Gita." As a tribute to him, to his love of Mankind, here are some quotations from it.

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“Performance and Truth”

"Looke upon the rainebow, and praise him that made it, very beautifull it is in the brightnesse thereof. It compasseth the heaven about with a glorious circle, and the hands of the most high have bended it." — Ecclesiasticus xliii: 11–12

At one time, for a period of several months, I had almost no inclination to write anything: general essays, research findings, or even my so-called poetry. I initially thought that this was some form of blockage, then I realized that it was but the next stage in a process that had become apparent over the previous few years, which included the giving up of my “composing”—and especially of my seminars and lectures. At this time, when I received a speaking invitation my immediate thought was how to get out of it. It was not performance anxiety—I have never experienced that—but rather the absence of the desire to perform. And this I regarded not as a problem but a virtue, not as an impediment but a breakthrough.
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“Therapeutic Writing”

My purpose in writing is not really to give you information, but to raise your Life Energy. I have tried to make my writings themselves as therapeutic as possible. This has been my intention, and I have examined and tested them all in an endeavor to ensure this.
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“The Distinction Between Writer and Author”

A writer writes as his Muse dictates. But an author writes for his self – for wealth and fame.
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Video: Thoughts on Punctuation

Dr. Diamond shares his thoughts on punctuation and how its correct usage can help raise the Life Energy of a person’s writing.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“My Writing is for You”

I am often given what seem, at least to me, to be wonderful insights and understandings. As happens, I suppose, to many people as they get older and mature somewhat.
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