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“Author or Writer? Entertainer or True Musician?”

A writer writes from a need to express his inner self to so benefit his readers, whereas an author writes selfishly to benefit himself through the manipulation of his readers. Most so-called writers are really authors, as are most actors, artists, and musicians, however skilled they may be.
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“Adominable: Towards Humanity”

From the root GHDHEM, of the earth, are derived humus, homo, human, humanity. Shipley points out that it was commonly held that abominable was also so derived, but this is not the case. So “abhominable” is not the correct spelling, even though it was used by earlier writers – by Shakespeare, for example, 18 times.
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“So Many Styles of Poetry”

So many styles of poetry. So what!
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“Poetry and the Escape from Reality”

Virtually all poetry has a lung meridian problem, what I call “Wonderland” – an escape from reality into fantasy.
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“The Deep Meaning Is Beyond Words”

“It is impossible to say just what I mean!” – Eliot Words, declared Chuang Tzu, are only the guests of reality.
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“The Essence of Dante”

Here are the haikus of each of the three books of Dante's Divine Comedy.
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Video: Words – Signifiers of Reality

Words are merely signifiers of reality, not, as we so often treat them, reality itself. Their application, whether as a simple name given to an object or a whole story created about it, forces us to see the object in a particular way, and so limits our perception.
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“Our Karma: To Ignore Homer”

Achilles' wrath … such the will of Jove! (The Iliad, trans. Alexander Pope) Achilles' rage … as Zeus' will was done. (The Iliad, trans. Stanley Lombardo)
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