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“Life is Magic”

To learn the secret of a magic trick is to diminish our wonder. We now know more – but Know less.

Life is magic, its Source the Secret. The more biology, the less Wonder.

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“His Muse Singing Free”

The composer proudly proclaims: “Composing for me is creating within constraints.”

Why must there be constraints? Why is he so fearful of his Muse singing free?

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“Cheek to Cheek”

I find myself singing “Cheek to Cheek” as I’m painting.

That’s how close, how intimate, we are, the canvas and I – and we’re dancing!

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“Beethoven’s Genius Was His Soul”

An artist, a composer, shows you what can be done. Not that you are a Beethoven in music – but you can be in your life, in your own way.

Beethoven was a genius. But so are we all. Think of the genius revealed in the singing – and loving – of an autistic child.

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