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“Helping to Heal the Camera”

To help heal a sufferer, for him to find his Soul, is to help him to then become a healer helping other sufferers to find theirs.

In a sense, in the same way, helping to heal the camera helps it – us – to heal.

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“My Nikon Digital Becomes a Grateful Patient”

When we were idle, I didn’t have to hold my F3 – but I loved to. The digital, however, I need to, because, like all patients, it is very sensitive. And I love to hold it, for that is healing, my vocation.

Then my Nikon digital becomes a grateful patient. It thanks me and helps me – us – to heal, now our intention.

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“The Healer As Photographer”

All healing, whatever the particular modality employed, has two phases.

First, Inspiration: the Spirit, chi, entering down into the healer. The passive phase as the subject is viewed. And then the active phase: Aspiration. The Spirit returning to Whence as the shutter is pressed.

The healer as photographer, and the photographer as healer, with every cycle of Inspiration-Aspiration can help heal all – including his camera.

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“Through My Consulting Room Window”

Through my consulting room window I can see the two personages I often consult when in difficulty.

One is a large tree which seems to have grown so much since we occupied the house. As if it is responding to our energy as we respond to its.

The other is a suspended garden seat.

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“In the Middle of Meditating”

Something very strange happened to me today.

I was in the middle of meditating when I suddenly realized I’d meditated about two hours previously – and had completely forgotten.

I wonder Who concluded I needed to repeat it.

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“This Tree My Buddha”

He sits all alone 
in freezing rain for us all, 
this great stone Buddha. 
— Issa
(trans. Sam Hamill)* 

Through the rain,
this tree my Buddha.


* The Spring of My Life and Selected Haiku: Kobayashi Issa (Boston: Shambhala Publications, 1997), p. 111.

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“The Paintings in the Museum”

Look around at the paintings in the museum and ask yourself:

Why were they created?
Why do they exist?

May they answer your Basic Question:

Why was I created?
Why do I exist?

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