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“Come Unto Me”


“Come unto me”:
the paper calls
– and the brush smiles.

Stillpoint painting by John Diamond, M.D.


For more on Dr. Diamond’s Stillpoint Paintings and Life Energy Art, click here.

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“Outward Directed Communication”

I once read a biography of the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, written by his second wife. In it she tells of his marriage of over fifty years to his first wife, who had been crippled for much of this time. Every evening they would sit down and read to each other.

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Video: In Tune and In Harmony

Dr. Diamond discusses two complementary emotional aspects of bladder meridian, with powerful ramifications for our understanding of music – and life.

One in the Music for Healing series of informal talks.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“The Healing Power of Music”

I honor music as a true and great therapy that activates the Life Energy within each individual. Hippocrates called this the Vis Medicatrix Naturae – the Healing Power of Nature. Paracelsus spoke of it as the Archaeus. It is Prana, Chi, Spirit. It evokes the true and only healing, that which occurs from within.

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“The Chips on the Sculptor’s Floor”

I’ve spent my life chiseling away to find the beauty within it.

But now I realize the chunks I discarded were just as beautiful – and so was the original rock.

The chips
on the sculptor’s floor
as beautiful
as the masterpiece
their sacrifice


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Photography Video: The Ferryboat to the Free Land

“The Shin Buddhists talk about the ferryboat that takes one to the Free Land – heaven on earth. With every photograph I take, I ask whether this is a ferryboat: Can it help the viewer reach the Free Land?” From the Photography for Healing series of informal talks.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“It Doesn’t Take Time to Love a Puppy”

It doesn’t take time to love a puppy.  You do – or you don’t.  The love will grow over the years, but it’s there initially – or it’s not.

Why should it be any different with people?

Love is not a tiny flame gradually, slowly, increasing.  It’s a sudden bolt.  Incendiary.

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