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Lilt: “God Is My Soul”

Dr. Diamond has composed a large number of special therapeutic songs which he calls lilts. Like his original artwork and photography, his lilts are created with the specific intention of raising the Life Energy of the performer and his audience.

Oh, God is my soul,
My soul is my God,
My heart I lay open
To all creatures as love.

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“An Artist’s Manifesto”

Art has lost its Purpose. For countless thousands of years it had a spiritual direction, as still it has in Tibetan tankas, in so-called primitive sand and bark paintings, in petroglyphs.

Think of the Lascaux caves – and long before them.

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“The Musician’s Invocation”

I've never been happy with the etymology of music, from MEN, to think – hence mental, mania, and of course to muse.

But music, to me, seems to be the very opposite of musing, thinking.

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“Are Wrong Notes Ever Wrong?”

What if there are no wrong notes in music? Often, on investigation, I find that (unconsciously) the musician wanted to play the allegedly wrong note because he felt in his mind that it would sound better that way.
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Video: Singing and Surgery

Dr. Diamond discusses using the power of music, innate in us all, to help transcend traumatic experiences such as surgery.

Based on these insights, Dr. Diamond has written a remarkable book of the same title, to encourage others to view surgery as a spiritual, transcendental experience, rather than one rooted in fear and anxiety.

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“Your Heart: Friend or Enemy?”

The cardiologist proclaimed that his most important role was to allay each patient’s fear of his heart – of being attacked by it.

I’ve long advised suffers to listen to their hearts – and give thanks.

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