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“The Beloved Zygote”

A zygote is “the union of two gametes, first cell of the person to be” (Joseph T. Shipley). Our word zygote is derived from the root IUEG, to join together, to unite, hence also union and yoga.
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“The Anlage of All Fear”

Let’s consider that the baby in the womb has, at some level, a sense of awareness of about seven months – some five thousand hours, that’s some three hundred thousand minutes! And how many of those minutes is the amygdala at peace – and how many in a state of alarm?
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Video: A Teacher of Meditation

Dr. Diamond considers himself to be a teacher of meditation. He focuses here on his concept of active meditation - doing an activity with a sense of higher purpose - and its application to the entirety of our lives.
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“Renouncing the Medical Model”

As a doctor, my work was to help, to encourage, to treat, perhaps even at times to heal. Always underneath is a degree, often a large degree, of preaching, of fear-mongering: “Do this – or else.” The other day I overheard a (lay) “healer” telling a “patient” that he could possibly come to need a colostomy. Telling – terrorizing.
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