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Video: Healing and the Metaverbal

What art forms can most efficiently heal? Those that operate beyond words, or as Dr. Diamond calls it, are "metaverbal": above all music, but also the visual arts.
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“Birthing Trauma and the Amygdala”

The major precursor of our later amygdala responses is, I believe, in the very nature of our birthing. We are an evolutionary experiment. Due to our adoption of the full upright posture, the foetal head has become bigger and the female pelvis smaller. And so to enter the world (in itself a trauma), the head and body must undergo 180 degree twist.
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Poem: Written and read by Dr. Diamond

Dr. Diamond’s poetry contains some of his most profound and personal statements. Teeming with insight, wisdom, and compassion, and infused with a deep spirituality, each of the poems on these recordings is a gem, written with the specific intention of raising the Life Energy of the listener.
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“With Every Breath We Are Ablaze”

I love the SP root. It gave rise to so many words, most of them with a common, central meaning. Consider a few: spurt, sprinkle, spark, sperm, sputum, spit. All with the idea of something vital being projected from a live source to a destination which it may vitalize: the spark igniting the kindling.
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“Fascination and the Soul”

Our word fascination comes from the same root that gave us basket: a binding together, an interweaving, a oneness of the fibers, a union, a fusion – yoga. Today the word is debased, has lost its essential magic; we even proclaim we are fascinated by TV ads! But it is not so. We are not fascinated – only attracted, drawn, to them (from the Latin trahere, to draw). Attracted to, but not bound to, one with. Merely superficial, momentary, evanescent, with little deep or lasting worth.
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