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“Liver Meridian III: Unhappiness vs. Depression”

The negative emotion associated with the liver meridian is unhappiness. Unhappiness is often confused with depression, so it important that we distinguish between the two. In psychiatry, depression has now become quite acceptable because we have antidepressant drugs. On the other hand unhappiness is not acceptable and even has a rather childish or epithetical connotation about it that depression does not have.

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“Liver Meridian II: Gambling”

The liver meridian relates to the feeling of happiness or unhappiness, which relates to whether you believe that mommy is smiling on you, or not.

When the gambler blows on the dice in his hand, he is hoping that Lady Luck, mommy, loves him. If they come out as he wishes, it means that mommy loves him, is smiling on him.

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“Liver Meridian I: Happiness”

The predominant emotions for the liver meridian are happiness and unhappiness.

Let us examine some of the expressions and origins of the word happy. You will be reminded, as I was when I first came across them, of the successful gambler. For example, happiness is defined as luck, or good fortune, or the state of prosperity.

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“Creativity and The Deep Unconscious”

The basic principle of psychoanalysis is to say whatever comes into your mind, no matter how ridiculous or meaningless it may seem to be. For free association is the royal road to the unconscious. To the superficial unconscious of admixed love and hate, that is.

But there is another unconscious, one far more important.

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“As in Music, So in Life”

I normally work through the person’s music to improve their life. For, as in music – so in life. But sometimes I have to work first with the life to then improve the music, so that it may then further improve the life.

A woman has a beautiful cello which she plays very well, technically.

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“Will I Ever Evolve Enough?”

Some years ago I was vacationing on a tropical island paradise. I soon became bored – as is always the case when I am not in the healing mode. So I volunteered to do some work in the island’s cottage hospital. The doctor was delighted when I told him that I had been a psychiatrist, and took me to see a patient for whom he admitted there was nothing he could do.

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“The Great Spirit is Always Smiling!”

First believe that every moment, each and every happening, of your life is Determined – by the Great Spirit.

And then believe that It is Always Smiling on you.


A smile is our reflexive response to feeling smiled on, as a child smiles back to his beaming mother.

We can eliminate the component of hurt from pain by realizing that we are smiled on – the Great Spirit, the Mother of All, ever smiling.

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“Three Reflections on Action Meditation”

How are we to keep the meditative state induced in stillness, the inkling we have gained of the Buddha-Nature, continuing throughout the daily activities which follow? Yes, all of these should be, as the Bhagavad Gita teaches, a sacrifice to God; the whole day being lived as meditation in action, but how are we to achieve this?

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“Spiritual Medicine”

Thanks to modern medical advances, the mechanical body marches on, but the spirit has died. As doctors, we must judge our results from quality of life.
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