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“The Placebo Effect”

In clinical research, one of the most annoying problems— one may even call it a “side effect”—is that known as the placebo effect. In numerous trials of drugs for hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, or the like, it has been found that up to one-third of the test subjects achieve the same desirable effects with a physiologically inert substance as are achieved with the wondrous new miracle drugs of the research laboratory.

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Video: Brain Misprocessing

“You’re not mad, you’re not bad – it’s your neurology.” Dr. Diamond discusses the origin of our brain misprocessing, from the birthing process, and steps that can be taken to remedy it.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“A Tribute to Dr. Louis Cholden”

Louis Cholden died at the age of thirty-eight in an automobile accident. He had been on his way to moderate a panel of the 1956 convention of the American Psychiatric Association. The loss was ours, as he would have become one of the greatest leaders in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. His writings are among the mere handful in the field that truly proclaim love.
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“The Quiet Therapist”

I was once intrigued by the title of a book, The Quiet Therapies. It led me to wonder who the quietest therapist I had ever known was. The answer was obvious. He was not a psychiatrist, nor a psychologist, nor even a doctor. He was the male nurse in charge of the psychiatry wards at a hospital in which I worked many years ago. His name was Wally Brown.
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