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“Suzie, My Lovely Rose”

"Go, lovely Rose …… That are so wondrous sweet and fair." Edmund Waller (at 85) "I envy the octogenarian poet who joined three words – Go, lovely Rose – so happily together, that he left his name to float down through Time on the wings of a phrase and a flower." Logan Pearsall Smith (at 66)
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“No Not-Brahman”

The mantra, “Tat Twam Asi” (“Thou art That”), is the central dictum of the Upanishads. It defines the relationship between Thou, the atman (soul in every being), and That, the transcendent brahman (Absolute), which pervades the whole universe.
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“Music the Primal Art”

In 1939-1940 Stravinsky delivered the Charles Eliot Norton series of lectures at Harvard University. They were entitled Poetics of Music. I feel certain that whoever came up with the title was not a musician. For it is backwards.
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“At the Supermarket”

Outside the supermarket I was immediately attracted to – by – some wondrous patterns on a white traffic line. Of course, I started to photograph them.
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