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“The Notes That Must Be Obeyed”

When the usual musician plays music, or sings it, or even dances to it – or even when just listening to it – he is constantly thinking of the notes. The notes that must be obeyed.
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“Little Boy Lost – and Found”

On a busy street the little boy has lost his mother. He runs towards one mother – then stops because she’s not her. And then another. And another. Becoming ever more desperate.

And then he sees her and runs to her – arms open, smiling.

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“Before Image, Only Movement”

Su Tung-p’o, the great painter and poet of the Song dynasty, stated that “To judge a picture by its resemblance is to have the critical faculty of a child.”
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“Robert Fulford recommended ‘Blueprint for Immortality’ by Harold Burr”

My old friend, Robert Fulford, the great cranial osteopath, so often recommended Blueprint for Immortality by Harold Burr. For over forty years, Burr recorded the voltage changes in trees, not only with sunlight and darkness but also cycles of the moon, etc.

And his colleague the psychiatrist Leonard Ravitz demonstrated voltage changes in his patients.

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