True Health starts with the activation of Life Energy, the Healing Power within.

Welcome to the website of John Diamond, M.D.

For more than forty years, Dr. Diamond has been a pioneer in the field of holistic healing. His work offers a powerful approach to health and life based around the concept of Life Energy, the Healing Power within. It combines a wide array of medical, cultural, spiritual and philosophical practices into an integrated, dynamic whole.

On this website you can learn about Dr. Diamond’s work, life, and his approach to many topics relating to holistic health.


—Reflections of a Healer

“The Summation of Your Parents’ Souls”

Anguish is not believing you have a Soul – which, of course, we all always have. When is the Soul created? At your very beginning – the first moment. Read More »

“Feeling Determines Function”

As every artist knows, feeling determines form. And as every body-therapist knows, form determines function. So it is that feeling determines function. Read More »

Poem: Written and read by Dr. Diamond

From Poems of High Life Energy. Dr. Diamond’s poetry contains some of his most profound and personal statements. Teeming with insight, wisdom, & compassion. Read More »
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