True Health starts with the activation of Life Energy, the Healing Power within.

Welcome to the website of John Diamond, M.D.

For more than forty years, Dr. Diamond has been a pioneer in the field of holistic healing. His work, The Diamond Path of Life, is a powerful approach to health and life based around the concept of Life Energy, the Healing Power within. It combines a wide array of medical, cultural, spiritual and philosophical practices into an integrated, dynamic whole.

On this website you can learn about The Diamond Path of Life, more about Dr. Diamond, and his approach to topics that interest you.


—Reflections of a Healer

“The True Cure”

When a doctor approaches a patient he must think not only of the mechanics of the physical cure, but also of aiding the person in healing his spirit. This cannot be learned in medical school, it is not in the medical textbooks, nor does it qualify as a diagnosis for insurance companies. But it is what really matters. Read More »

Video: Art and the Ephemeral

Dr. Diamond discusses the idea of ephemerality in relation to art: "Maybe all art should be ephemeral. And maybe its effect is heightened by the ephemerality of the experience..." Read More »

“Overcoming Our Deepest Suffering”

Our deepest suffering is our despair at the perceived impossibility of bringing together who we know we should be ("good") and who we believe we are ("bad"). To relieve our suffering, all we need do is... Read More »
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