Life Energy Photography

Photography has many purposes. The one that matters to me is to be therapeutic, for I am a therapist, a healer, and I use photography as an essential component of my healing—of self and other sufferers.” – John Diamond, M.D.

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Dr. Diamond was a pioneer in using photography for healing. Like all the visual arts, photography heals by raising the Life Energy, the Healing Power within, of photographer and viewer, and over a period of more than fifty years, Dr. Diamond developed a remarkable approach to maximize this which he called Life Energy Photography.

Life Energy Photography is the basis for his book Beyond the Obvious: Photography for Healing, and is exemplified in the many photographs he created with the specific intention of raising the Life Energy of the viewer. Dr. Diamond exhibited his work extensively, and lectured on Life Energy Photography, in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Germany, and Cyprus.

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John Diamond, M.D.


“The art of making therapeutic photographs is really quite simple. It just takes a few seconds–and sixty years of practice! Regardless of the subject matter, gently and carefully move the camera around and perhaps focus. You are looking for, waiting for, The Feeling. Suddenly it will appear, you can almost feel the love traveling through the lens. Through that particular act of framing you have felt the Muse; you have found Love, Divinity, God.” – John Diamond, M.D.