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“The Artist Awakens Souls”

“By a deeper apprehension … the artist obtains the power of awakening other souls” 

— Emerson

I would say that by a deeper apprehension of his Soul, the artist helps to awaken others to their Souls.

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“My Otouto-san”

I meet Hak-san,
my otouto-san,
younger brother
– by two months,
and I find myself singing
“Side by Side.”

It’s like
I get given a song
for every occasion.

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“To Cling or to Embrace”

I must proclaim what I have learned of the Spirit World, because this Knowledge is Healing, and I am a Healer. Indeed, it must be a major focus of my Healing.

For to Know of the Spirit World is to believe in life after death. It is to Know of the spirit within us throughout our lives that returns to the Spirit World with the death of our mere bodies.

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“The Role of True Art”

You can only Aspire to your Highest chakra, to Communion with God, when you are no longer the victim of your delusion that you are evil.

So, you can only come to God when you Know God has already come to you.

This is the role of True Art: that it Emanates to you as an Instance of God, a Burning Bush – burning for you.

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