“Every Relationship an Experiment”

Every relationship is an experiment.
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“Zazen for Two”

What if the Zen master meditated holding his wife? Would it be more difficult to go inside himself?
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“Crystals are Made to Resonate”

Crystals are Made to resonate. I remember, for instance, crystal radio sets, and the ship-to-ship radio transmitter on my father’s boat, Hourglass, into which specific crystals were inserted for the designated frequency.
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“Disease Starts in the Mind – and Beyond It”

Disease starts in the mind, Paracelsus proclaimed. But so very few physical treaters even consider this fact – let alone attempt to alleviate.
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“The Relationship, Not the Name”

I dislike the word subject for whatever, whoever, I photograph. It is so cold, clinical – and can have a sense of being subject to me, as if I am in command, its master.
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“The Yin and Yang of Relationships”

"The social status of women in Egypt was quite powerful even before Cleopatra. A subtle sign of this power is the possessive, almost protective attitude of women in many Egyptian sculptures of couples, in which the wife holds the husband with both hands."
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“Seeing the Other as Spirit”

One cannot really love without the other being seen, felt – Known – as a manifestation of Spirit on earth.
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“Mum’s Ring – Our Enso”

Many times my mother’s spirit would come through and mention her ring which Suzie now wears. Mum’s ring – our Enso.
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“Suzie, My Lovely Rose”

"Go, lovely Rose …… That are so wondrous sweet and fair." Edmund Waller (at 85) "I envy the octogenarian poet who joined three words – Go, lovely Rose – so happily together, that he left his name to float down through Time on the wings of a phrase and a flower." Logan Pearsall Smith (at 66)
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“Still Songbirds Sixty Years On”

When I grew up, the trams in Sydney were double-ended, the unoccupied driver’s compartment at the rear. One morning three of us medical students – Kurt Wolf, older, worldly-wise, Morrie Rosenberg and me – were in a car behind a tram with a view of the rear compartment. In it we could see a couple – also medical students we knew. And were they ever billing and cooing!
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