Lenny, the giant of a man in Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men had a pet mouse that he kept in his pocket. Although he loved it – or apparently loved it – he stroked it to death. He was loving but not tender.

Dan was the same. He obviously loved his wife and had been very affectionate with her over the years, but he could not be tender.

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“Your Soul as Proof”

Not the sunset, not the tree – but your Soul as proof
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“Suzie, My Lifetime’s Bliss”

"But we have this faith – that a lifetime’s bliss will appear any minute, with a smile upon its lips."
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“Every Relationship an Experiment”

Every relationship is an experiment.
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“Zazen for Two”

What if the Zen master meditated holding his wife? Would it be more difficult to go inside himself?
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“Crystals are Made to Resonate”

Crystals are Made to resonate. I remember, for instance, crystal radio sets, and the ship-to-ship radio transmitter on my father’s boat, Hourglass, into which specific crystals were inserted for the designated frequency.
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“Disease Starts in the Mind – and Beyond It”

Disease starts in the mind, Paracelsus proclaimed. But so very few physical treaters even consider this fact – let alone attempt to alleviate.
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“The Relationship, Not the Name”

I dislike the word subject for whatever, whoever, I photograph. It is so cold, clinical – and can have a sense of being subject to me, as if I am in command, its master.
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“The Yin and Yang of Relationships”

"The social status of women in Egypt was quite powerful even before Cleopatra. A subtle sign of this power is the possessive, almost protective attitude of women in many Egyptian sculptures of couples, in which the wife holds the husband with both hands."
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