Life Energy Art

Dr. Diamond is a pioneer in using art for healing. Over a period of more than fifty years, he has developed a remarkable approach to maximize its effects.
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Dr. Diamond’s Books on Painting

Dr. Diamond has written several books on his unique approach to painting for healing that he calls Life Energy Art.
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Video: Art for Healing Series

Short, informal talks, revealing different facets of Dr. Diamond's unique approach to using art for healing.
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Video: The Meditation Before I Paint

Before he makes each painting, Dr. Diamond always meditates, however briefly. And then it just happens spontaneously.
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Video: Another Way of Looking at Art

Dr. Diamond offers a different way of looking at art, one that is free and comes from the real depths of the artist.
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Video: Art and Spontaneity

Dr. Diamond's artwork is truly spontaneous - that is, done without deliberation and very quick - and always with the hope of creating a spark that will raise the Life Energy of the viewer.
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“There Are No Words for the Feeling of Love”

Ask not what the painting means but what it does – your experience of it. But then – putting words to the raw feeling will disempower it. Which does more – the words of love or the smile?
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“Fascination and the Soul”

Our word fascination comes from the same root that gave us basket: a binding together, an interweaving, a oneness of the fibers, a union, a fusion – yoga. Today the word is debased, has lost its essential magic; we even proclaim we are fascinated by TV ads! But it is not so. We are not fascinated – only attracted, drawn, to them (from the Latin trahere, to draw). Attracted to, but not bound to, one with. Merely superficial, momentary, evanescent, with little deep or lasting worth.
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“The Role of the Artist”

The role of the Artist is to render Spirit...
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