Life Energy Art

Dr. Diamond is a pioneer in using art for healing. Over a period of more than fifty years, he has developed a remarkable approach to maximize its effects.
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Dr. Diamond’s Books on Painting

Dr. Diamond has written several books on his unique approach to painting for healing that he calls Life Energy Art.
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Video: Art for Healing Series

Short, informal talks, revealing different facets of Dr. Diamond's unique approach to using art for healing.
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“The Healing Potential of Art”

My deepest intention is that some day a sufferer, no matter how afflicted, will be able to look at a painting, at a photograph, and be instantly released from those chains and so be fully healed.
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“Part of My Healing Meditation”

Every day as part of my healing meditation I give thoughts to many who have come to me for help. And then as a general statement: “To those who read me, and want to read me; hear me, and want to hear me; and see me, and want to see me – in order to be healed through me.”
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“For a Work of Art to Be Healing”

For a work of art to be healing, the viewer needs to enter it as a Sanctuary.

As when each night we re-enter our mother, come into the Womb of Love, to dream of Her.

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“In a Large Shin Temple”

In a large Shin temple dedicated to Amida Buddha, there is displayed a painting of black lines on white in what seems like the seeming randomness of a Jackson Pollock.
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“Jackson Pollock Denied the Accident”

Jackson Pollock proclaimed: “I don’t use the accident – I deny the accident.”
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“The Rhythm of My Hand”

The rhythm of the girl as she dances ... [shows us ] the eternal rhythm of all things.
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