“Jackson Pollock Denied the Accident”

Jackson Pollock proclaimed: “I don’t use the accident – I deny the accident.”
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“We All Are Amida At Play”

Shinran taught that what we seem to do ourselves is really Amida doing through us. Our very invocation of Her, nembutsu, is Her invoking Herself through us: our nembutsu – Her play.
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“God Gives Himself a Laugh”

Consider the last lines of Bacchae by Euripides:                         Many are the shapes the gods will take,                         many the surprises they perform.
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“Intuition – or Guidance?”

This morning, just after waking, I recalled this incident at a seminar on “medical intuition:” A doctor who admitted he used intuition in his psychiatric practice was asked by the speaker whether he had told his colleagues.
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Audio Lecture: Determinism – “I Am Given to…”

Diamond suggests that using the phrase “I am given to…” is best way of expressing the philosophy of Determinism.
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“God the Eternal Dramatist”

"God, the eternal dramatist, has cast you for some part in His drama, and hands you the role." So states Gilbert Murray.
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“The Fish’s Karma – and Mine”

I've caught a fish and it's flapping on the floor of the boat. Do I throw it back? Isn't that interfering with its Karma?
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“What I Have Learned from Owen Potts”

I have been asked what I have learned most from all my sessions with the great psychic medium Owen Potts. Well, firstly that there is, in a sense, life after death. It is not we that survive, but the spirit that has been within us from conception in this particular incarnation. Not me – but the spirit within me.
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“Alexander Pope and Determinism”

Every event is as Directed, as Guided, as Meant, as Intended.
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