Acupuncture & the Meridians

Dr. Diamond’s Books on the Meridians & the Emotions

Dr. Diamond has written two classic best-selling books on the meridian system and the emotions.
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The Acupuncture Emotional System

A ground-breaking approach delineating the relationship between the emotions and the acupuncture meridians.
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“Liver Meridian III: Unhappiness vs. Depression”

The negative emotion associated with the liver meridian is unhappiness. Unhappiness is often confused with depression, so it important that we distinguish between the two. In psychiatry, depression has now become quite acceptable because we have antidepressant drugs. On the other hand unhappiness is not acceptable and even has a rather childish or epithetical connotation about it that depression does not have.

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“Liver Meridian II: Gambling”

The liver meridian relates to the feeling of happiness or unhappiness, which relates to whether you believe that mommy is smiling on you, or not.

When the gambler blows on the dice in his hand, he is hoping that Lady Luck, mommy, loves him. If they come out as he wishes, it means that mommy loves him, is smiling on him.

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“Liver Meridian I: Happiness”

The predominant emotions for the liver meridian are happiness and unhappiness.

Let us examine some of the expressions and origins of the word happy. You will be reminded, as I was when I first came across them, of the successful gambler. For example, happiness is defined as luck, or good fortune, or the state of prosperity.

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Lenny, the giant of a man in Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men had a pet mouse that he kept in his pocket. Although he loved it – or apparently loved it – he stroked it to death. He was loving but not tender.

Dan was the same. He obviously loved his wife and had been very affectionate with her over the years, but he could not be tender.

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“The Problem with the Lotus Posture”

The lotus posture long has puzzled me. For I find nearly everyone when examined in this position to be in a very negative state.
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“What I Have Learned from Owen Potts”

I have been asked what I have learned most from all my sessions with the great psychic medium Owen Potts. Well, firstly that there is, in a sense, life after death. It is not we that survive, but the spirit that has been within us from conception in this particular incarnation. Not me – but the spirit within me.
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“Poetry and the Escape from Reality”

Virtually all poetry has a lung meridian problem, what I call “Wonderland” – an escape from reality into fantasy.
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“A Meditation on Chi”

Chi is everywhere – Heaven’s Breath. Around us everywhere as etheric chi. When inspired into the body it is transmuted into bodily chi by the thymus, the controller of the acupuncture system. From there it flows through the meridians in a definite sequence, bestowing this energy, this “love,” on every organ and tissue. Then finally exiting to rejoin the etheric chi.
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