Healers & Healing

“Will I Ever Evolve Enough?”

Some years ago I was vacationing on a tropical island paradise. I soon became bored – as is always the case when I am not in the healing mode. So I volunteered to do some work in the island’s cottage hospital. The doctor was delighted when I told him that I had been a psychiatrist, and took me to see a patient for whom he admitted there was nothing he could do.

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“Four Tenets of Healing”

1. The particular modality employed with any sufferer at any moment is utterly unimportant.

2. Basic to the healing is helping the sufferer to find his Soul, and thus reduce his life’s anguish, by first finding his mother’s Soul; by coming to Know her as the Mother of Love.

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“The True Healer”

The word healer comes from the Indo-European root kallo, meaning whole. If the healer reverences the sufferer’s deep drive for Wholeness, and if all of his Self is at the service of all the Powers within the sufferer yearning to be expressed, then he is a True Healer.

A True Healer does not order or dictate, for he is a servant of the sufferer’s Life Energy.

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“A Note on Positive Affirmations”

So many people complain, “But I did the affirmation. I can’t understand why the problem is still there!” If the affirmation is performed in a desultory manner, the effect will be quite short-lived—in fact, it may not even transpire. We must remember that it is not the repeating of the affirmation that is important, but rather the setting up of the appropriate attitude of mind and heart that it can initiate.

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“Healing, Altruism, and the Surrender of the Ego”

The word altruism was coined relatively recently, by Auguste Comte in 1858, from the Latin, alter (other). To me the essence of healing is altruism. The more I can surrender my ego, give up any self-centered desires, and concentrate wholly on the suffering other, the more healing I will be.  

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“Being Holistic”

Just what do we mean by “holistic”? So many holistic health centers offer professional work in many different areas – yoga, meditation, biofeedback, reflexology, nutritional counseling, patterned exercises, relaxation therapy, massage, acupressure and so on. But simply offering all these forms of therapy does not necessarily make a clinic holistic.

“Holistic” in our framework encompasses the way you treat the person.

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“The Therapist as a Mirror”

My wife has always maintained that when I work with a sufferer, I am a mirror: “something that faith­ fully reflects or gives a true picture of something else.”

In a way that is so, but I try to be more than just a passive pane of coated glass. My work is to reveal to the sufferer who he really is.

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“The Core of All True Therapy”

A vow is the most sincere, solemn promise.

The dedicated student makes a vow to learn all he can to actuate his Life Energy. And his therapist makes a complementary vow to teach him.

This mutual vow is at the very heart’s core of all True Therapy. With­out this bilateral, equal, and total commitment there can never be True Therapy.

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“What I Mean by Life Energy”

What do I mean by Life Energy? What have I always meant? Fifty years ago I saw those two patients – I see them still, so clearly.
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“Becoming More Than a Surgeon”

The surgeon asks me how he can incorporate photography into his practice. I tell him: Make photography your Karma Yoga, your action meditation to become one with your Soul, and so with every Soul.  In so doing you will become a healer.
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