Healers & Healing

“One of my Healing Invocations”

One of my daily Healing invocations
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“The Healing Power Within”

The Healing Power within is the Soul
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“The Healer as a Buddha”

Our word physician is from the Greek phusis: physics and physical things. So a physician is concerned with the physical body, the physique.
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“Go with Her Aspiration”

Go not with your mother's actions – but with her Aspiration, her Soul.
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Audio Lecture: The Five Steps to Liberation

In a brilliant, inspirational summary of his work, Diamond outlines the five steps to the liberation from the anguish of human existence.
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“Hope and the Sufferer”

So enthused Alexander Pope, a hunchback, crippled from childhood by spinal tuberculosis, barely four foot six inches tall. Would that every sufferer – and we all suffer – should so sing!
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“The Role of Meditation in My Day”

I start each day with two forms of meditation. One is quiet. The other is active: say, painting, writing or singing.
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Audio Lecture: Reaching Out From Our Core

A person who wants to help others needs an inner core, a rock within, to reach out from. Many people don’t feel they have this, and finding it greatly helps their identity.
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“Aspiration, Inspiration, and the Spirit”

We can only Aspire, reach upwards to the Spirit World, when we Know we are Inspired: that the Spirit has descended into us.
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