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“The Karmic Plan Always Acts for All”

The Karmic Plan causes me to act for the evolution of the spirit within me. I am here for it.

Whatever I do affects others – and therefore the spirits within them, and what they do affects my spirit as well as their own.

Thus does the Karmic Plan always act for all.

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“Whatever I Do Affects the Spirit”

Whatever I do affects the spirit within me. And whatever is done to me by another affects my spirit, as well as his own. Also, of course, all my actions affect his spirit.

So whatever anyone does affects everyone’s spirit. There are no isolated, solitary actions – just one Action with infinite realizations.

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“I Bear Within Me a Spirit”

From the moment of conception to that of death, I bear within me a spirit from the Spirit World that evolves through every experience I have in my life. I exist here on earth for the spirit in this, its present particular incarnation.

I am as its mother. Within me, it grows – by me, through me.

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