“Introduction to My ‘Poems’ ”

My intention behind each one of my "poems" is for me through them to be therapeutic: to raise the Life Energy, the Healing Spirit.
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Books of Therapeutic Poetry

Three books of high Life Energy poetry created by Dr. Diamond.
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Video: Thoughts on Punctuation

Dr. Diamond shares his thoughts on punctuation and how its correct usage can help raise the Life Energy of a person’s writing.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“I Read Blake and Feel the Spirit”

Of all the paintings and poetry I have ever examined, Blake’s have by far the highest Life Energy, because of his devotion to the realm of the Spirit. As Catherine, his wife, said of him: “I have very little of Mr. Blake’s company; for he is always in Paradise.”

He was an emissary of the Spirit World.

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“The Doctor-Poet”

All the doctor-poet needs to do is not to judge their poetry by the usual academic standards, but by their desire to heal with them. Then the Spirit of altruistic service that they have learned through their poetry will imbue all of their therapeutic activities.
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“Whitman and the Breath of the Line”

Verse: from the Latin vertere , to turn. Many poets are great poets, but poor versifiers: they didn't know when to turn the line.
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