“Introduction to My ‘Poems’ ”

My intention behind each one of my "poems" is for me through them to be therapeutic: to raise the Life Energy, the Healing Spirit.
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Books of Therapeutic Poetry


Arborophilia coverArborophilia cover
Arborophilia: Writings on Trees
Inspired by his lifelong love of trees, Arborophilia is a magnificent collection of therapeutic writings by one of the great healers of our age.

Cantillatory Poems book coverCantillatory Poems book cover
A Book of Cantillatory Poems
This collection of poetry, based on 25 years of clinical research into the highest therapeutic powers of all art forms, brings together highly acclaimed poets and many who have gone unrecognized for nearly four hundred years.

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“Thoughts Inspired by John Donne”

"I am a little world made cunningly  Of elements and an angelic sprite." - John Donne, "Holy Sonnets" The “angelic sprite” our Soul, our Jen, our Matrophilia.
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“Re-Versing John Donne”

Take these lines by John Donne: I am a little world made cunningly  Of elements and an angelic sprite.
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“Meditating to a Boab Tree”

I’d like to be a boab tree, sitting like a Buddha in the sand. Firmly planted, well grounded, legs folded under.
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“Singing the Undulations”

Arthur Waley writes that Roger Fry, the art critic, "thought verse ought to be printed in lines that undulated in a way to reinforce the rhythms." In essence, that’s what I try to do with my “compositions” – merely singing the undulations of the poet’s rhythms.
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“The Deep Meaning Is Beyond Words”

“It is impossible to say just what I mean!” – Eliot Words, declared Chuang Tzu, are only the guests of reality.
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“The Essence of Dante”

Here are the haikus of each of the three books of Dante's Divine Comedy.
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“I Will Always Treasure Her Smile”

To a dangerously ill young Chinese woman. I said "Li Bai" – and you smiled. You said "Mozart"  – and smiled again. Through your smile I saw your Soul.
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