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“We All Are the Golden Buddha”

“The Buddha of the deeper Buddhism is not Gautama … but simply the divine in man. Chrysalides of the infinite we all are: each contains a ghostly Buddha, and the millions are but one.”

— Lafcadio Hearn[1] 

Our word chrysalis originally referred to the gold-colored pupa of a butterfly, from the Greek khrusos, gold.

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“Avalokiteshvara: She Is the Loving Mother”

Avalokiteshvara: She who looks down on those in suffering. She is “Great Compassion.”

As Lafcadio Hearn writes, She “is the dream of the Indian Paradise.”*

She is the Loving Mother smiling down on us. She can be as everyone’s mother: the Mother every mother yearns to be.

Her smile transports us to Paradise.

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“Holding this Old Raku Bowl”

I’m holding this old raku bowl – Reverently. The spirit of the unknown craftsman, long dead, lives on through it, in it. I can almost feel his hands as I turn the bowl in my hands, as he did. Through it, he is still alive.

And then I feel another spirit.

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“I Do It for You”

I am often given what seem, at least to me, to be wonderful insights and understandings. As happens, I suppose, to many people as they get older and mature somewhat.

I could just sit here with them inside me – or pass them along, hoping you will receive them earlier than I did.

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“Aspiration Is an Instinct”

I have said that, at least to me, Aspiration is an instinct. I believe that it is “an inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species.”* And that it is “a powerful motivation or impulse.” And that it is “an innate capability.”

And that it is “impelled from within” – from the Soul.

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