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“You Are As My Mother”

You are as my mother 
aspired to be: 
when I look in your eyes 
– it’s her love I see. 

This is reprised (“haiku’d”) as

You are as my mother 
– it’s her love I see. 

Which can be further abbreviated to

You are 
– I see. 

And the “you” is anyone, everyone, anything, everything.

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“Paint from Your Soul”

I am a healer,
and to heal
is to help make whole:
one with your Soul.

And your Soul
is your Muse,
your innate Creativity.

Paint from your Soul,
and, at last, be Whole.

And then paint
to help others
to their Souls.

From Soul to Soul:
Altruistic Art.

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“His Chosen Path”

When I meet with a sufferer from any disease I recommend that he read all the books on it that he can find. And then choose the particular approach that appeals to him.

I reassure him that I will assist him along his chosen path. But – and it’s a big but – it must be his free choice.

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“Every Painting Is Alive!”

Yes, I am pantheistic. Everything is Spirit – is its own unique individual manifestation of The Spirit. Everything is Alive! And the more we Know this Truth, the stronger can be our relationship with It.

Every painting is Alive! Every painting projects, emanates, This into the space before it, into us in that space.

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“Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904)”

At the end of his tragically short life (1850-1904), Lafcadio Hearn, “Japan’s Greatest Interpreter,” wrote this in his Reverie.* Especially poignant as he had been separated from his mother since he was two:

“It has been said that men fear death much as the child cries at entering the world, being unable to know what loving hands are waiting to receive it … [A]s a happy fancy it is beautiful … It is beautiful, I think, because it suggests, in so intimate a way, the hope that to larger knowledge the Absolute will reveal itself as the mother – love made infinite … Some all-transfiguring hope created by the memory of Woman as Mother, and the more that races evolve towards higher things, the more Feminine becomes their idea of a God.” 

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