Recorded Seminars

Dr. Diamond has recorded literally thousands of seminars over a period of four decades covering every conceivable aspect of his work, The Diamond Path of Life.

The topics cover those central to his work: personal relationships, health and illness, meditation, music, art, and much more. As always in his work, the ultimate focus is Life Energy, the Healing Power within.

Lectures currently available on CD or for download are listed below. To be informed of new releases, please subscribe to Dr. Diamond's online newsletter.

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Seminars on Life Energy & Healing

Life Energy, the Healing Power within us all, and how to activate it, is a central topic to Dr. Diamond's work.
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Seminars on Health & Wellbeing

Selected introductory seminars to Dr. Diamond's original approach to health & wellbeing, based on activating the Life Energy, the Healing Power within.
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Seminars on Music

Music is central to Dr. Diamond's work. He has researched in great depth how to use it to raise the Life Energy, the Healing Power within.
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Miscellaneous Seminars

A selection of introductory lectures on various aspects of Dr. Diamond's work, including fundamental topics such as Re-Mothering, the Pulse, & Belovedness.
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