The Diamond Method for Music: An Introduction

The Diamond Method for Music offers a totally new understanding of the relationship between music and health. More importantly, it gives us unprecedented insight into how we can use music to benefit ourselves and society in general.
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Dr. Diamond’s Books on Music for Health

Music is central to Dr. Diamond's approach to holistic health, and he has written several important books which are essential reading for anyone interested in the subject.
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Videos: Music for Healing Series

Short, informal talks, revealing different facets of Dr. Diamond's unique approach to using music for healing.
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“The Genesis of Music”

All music is given to us as an expression of love and we give it on as another expression of love. From the heart to the heart.
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“The Circle of Love”

This is probably the simplest and most direct statement that I can make about music.
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“Music, Healing and the Spirit”

Over all my years of endeavoring to heal, I have found time and again that I cannot work with

The man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds.*

For music is the mother, and such a man has rejected her. He has no desire for the conciliation which is, I believe, the very essence of my work.

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“The True Musician: Inspired by Orpheus”

I hear it in the deep heart’s core.                                                 Yeats                                                 (“The Lake Isle of Innisfree”) It is said that Orpheus preached with song.
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“God is…”

God is Brahms, Brahms is God, and Schnabel, and the piano,
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“The Role of the Performer – and How to Achieve It”

Everyone needs to be healed – to be made whole. To be utterly one with the Soul within. And it is, I maintain, the primary role of the performer to find the Soul of the composer and reveal it to the audience, that they may be better able to find their own.
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“Music is Healing – and Healing is Music”

Every day in my meditation, I place my hands over my thymus and pray:                         Help me                         to help You                         to heal.
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