The Diamond Method for Music: An Introduction

The Diamond Method for Music offers a totally new understanding of the relationship between music and health. More importantly, it gives us unprecedented insight into how we can use music to benefit ourselves and society in general.
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Dr. Diamond’s Books on Music for Health

Music is central to Dr. Diamond's approach to holistic health, and he has written several important books which are essential reading for anyone interested in the subject.
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Videos: Music for Healing Series

Short, informal talks, revealing different facets of Dr. Diamond's unique approach to using music for healing.
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“Music the Primal Art”

In 1939-1940 Stravinsky delivered the Charles Eliot Norton series of lectures at Harvard University. They were entitled Poetics of Music. I feel certain that whoever came up with the title was not a musician. For it is backwards.
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“Music as Magic”

Listening, loving, Max Goberman and Meistersinger, I find myself exclaiming “Magic!” What did I mean? What does magic mean?
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“Is there anywhere a recording?”

Is there anywhere a recording, a transcription, of a composer’s mother’s music?
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“Music to Remind Us”

all the Arts,
to remind us
of her Soul.
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“Be As the Mother Lullabying”

The potential for recorded music to be healing is so much greater with loudspeakers than with headphones, for with headphones the air does not dance. Better still is music live, for then you can relate to the performer.
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“The Performer, His Audience, and the Maternal Instinct”

Music as the Maternal Instinct. A mother doesn't lullaby to get love – but to give.

Musicians, in contrast, are yearning to get – from the audience as the mother. Their music a cry for love. Listen to Beethoven – he is desperately seeking, not giving. They all are.

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“Their Muses to Actuate Ours”

What if we listeners knew, that the reason to listen to music is for us to be inspired to make it?
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