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“First Know Your Mother’s Soul”

You can’t Aspire until you Know you have a Soul, for it is from the Soul that Aspiration arises.

And to Know your Soul, you must first Know your mother’s – often starting not directly with her but with a sunset, a painting, a sonata, as her.

To so see her as Her.

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“Is the Universe Moral?”

Lafcadio Hearn writes of “the question which all the sages have had to face: Is the universe moral?”

“Whether moral or immoral the cosmic process,” there must be one conviction: “the certainty that man should pursue the highest moral ideal with all his power to the unknown end, even though the suns in their courses should fight against him.”

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“I Exist to Heal”

I exist
to heal.

If this is not a mere grandiose delusion – as well it may be – then there are certain corollaries:

The particular modality employed with any sufferer at any moment is utterly unimportant. Basic to the healing is helping the sufferer to find his Soul, and thus reduce his anguish, by first finding his mother’s Soul; by coming to Know her as the Mother of Love.
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“To Overcome the Buddha’s First Noble Truth”

I believe that to overcome our anguish (the Buddha’s First Noble Truth) we must find our Souls, our Buddha-Nature. And this comes through finding our mother’s Soul, for we were – and still are – of her. Are her.

One Way to her as Her is through our Creativity. For It comes from the Muse within – and that is the Goddess within, the Soul of our mother as the Mother of Love.

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“The Painter’s Free Expression of His Soul”

“The reason we find nothing to dislike in the drawings made by children is that in them the inherent nature of man finds expression without being thwarted or frustrated.” 

— Soetsu Yanagi

And it is the subject that thwarts and frustrates the painter’s free expression of his inherent nature, his Buddhahood, his Soul.

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