The central concept of Dr. Diamond’s work is Life Energy. Life Energy is the name Dr. Diamond gave the innate healing power of the body and it is intimately connected with health in that whatever the symptoms of any particular illness, underneath we will always find a diminution of Life Energy. It is the Healing Power within us, the restorative powers of our own body, and the only true healing comes by raising the Life Energy.

The concept of Life Energy is basic to acupuncture theory, and a central part of his Diamond’s work is the Acupuncture Emotional System (AES). The AES delineates the relationship between the emotions and the acupuncture meridians. First developed by Dr. Diamond in the 1970s and the basis of his best-selling book Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of the Emotions, the AES marks a milestone in the history of medicine. It demonstrates with unprecedented clarity the interconnectedness of the mind and the body and thus provides the basis for both a truly holistic approach towards health and an understanding of psychosomatic medicine.

The research tool of the work, Life-Energy Analysis, is used to make an assessment of each sufferer: his suffering and the strength he has which will enable him to overcome it. It is then through the encouragement of the strengths that the negativities are overcome. Our strengths are our salvation, as they provide the power for transmutation.

Other main components of his work include: Body Energy Fields, such as the chakras and auras; therapeutic approaches specially developed by Dr. Diamond involving them, such as color therapy and vibrational therapy; and Creativity.

In terms of the latter, Dr. Diamond has done more than anyone to develop ways of using Creativity for health. His approach therefore gives a central role to the Higher Arts, especially music and the visual arts, and their relationship to health. Dr. Diamond believed that Creativity, performed in the right way, is highly therapeutic, and whether we are dancing, singing, taking a photograph, or painting, we can know that our creativity comes from the Muse, the Goddess of Love within us.

This knowledge, which can also be achieved through the many other modalities his work incorporates, is what Dr. Diamond called Cantillation, and is its goal, its supreme aspiration.

Dr. Diamond’s work is ultimately to do with overcoming the Anguish of the Human Condition through each of us realizing our innate Holiness. This we do through seeing our individual mothers as the Mother of Love, for it is only when we know her soul that we can know our own. When we truly know our mothers in this way we are in a state of Belovedness. Thus to learn and integrate Dr. Diamond’s work is to cross the bridge from ‘A’ to ‘B’ to ‘C’ — from Anguish to Belovedness through to Cantillation.