Spirit World & Guidance

“The Karmic Plan Always Acts for All”

The Karmic Plan causes me to act for the evolution of the spirit within me. I am here for it.

Whatever I do affects others – and therefore the spirits within them, and what they do affects my spirit as well as their own.

Thus does the Karmic Plan always act for all.

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“Enduring All for the Spirit Within”

I believe that from the moment of conception to that of death, we each bear within us a spirit from the Spirit World that evolves through every experience we have in our lives. We exist here on earth for the spirit in this, its present particular incarnation.

We are as its mother.

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“We Endure for the Spirit Within”

We endure our lives of anguish
for the spirit within.
The sage knows this,
and accepts,
that his life is altruistic.

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“For the Spirit Within Us”

Everything we do is for the spirit within us – and for others (as is everything done by others to us). The more we are aware of this, the more the act may be called altruistic.

The reason, if such there be, for knowing the spirit within us is that we can dedicate our lives to being altruistic.

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“The Difference Between Shakespeare and Euripides”

The difference between Shakespeare and Euripides is that the former believed the plays were by him. Whereas Euripides believed they were through him.
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“One Guidance for All Beings”

There is but one Guidance for all beings; that is, for all spirits within all beings – now and throughout time.

One Guidance. One spirit. One being.

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“Beyond the Universal Law”

Accepting all that others do to me as coming through them, as the Karmic Plan. All being, in this sense, acts of God. And all not for me but for the spirit within me.

I accept all for the spirit within.

(Well, not in fact – but at least in fantasy.)

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“We All Are Amida At Play”

Shinran taught that what we seem to do ourselves is really Amida doing through us. Our very invocation of Her, nembutsu, is Her invoking Herself through us: our nembutsu – Her play.
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“No Not-Spirit”

For a long time, I have affirmed                         “There’s no not-God.”
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