Audio: The Fulford Interviews

My dear friend, Robert Fulford D.O., the great, the so-enlightened cranial osteopath, recorded many of his most important thoughts and aspirations.
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“All Healing Is Spiritual”

I overheard Robert Fulford, my dear friend, talking on the phone to a young osteopath wanting to learn cranial work.
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“Robert Fulford recommended ‘Blueprint for Immortality’ by Harold Burr”

My old friend, Robert Fulford, the great cranial osteopath, so often recommended Blueprint for Immortality by Harold Burr. For over forty years, Burr recorded the voltage changes in trees, not only with sunlight and darkness but also cycles of the moon, etc.

And his colleague the psychiatrist Leonard Ravitz demonstrated voltage changes in his patients.

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“Dr. Robert Fulford – A Spiritual Osteopath”

I remember my dear friend Robert Fulford, D.O., speaking on the phone to a young osteopath: "Cranial osteopathy is a spiritual undertaking."
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“A Tribute to Edgar Miller, D.O.”

However long you’ve had the problem, however much you’ve been told and believe that nothing can be done – you never know. You, too, may be helped by the hands of an Edgar Miller.
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“Remembering Robert Fulford”

My dear friend and esteemed colleague Robert Fulford, D.O., passed on on this day in 1997. He was a remarkable healer and wonderful friend. This was how I heard the news of his passing, from his son Richard.
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