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“Filial and Paternal Impiety”

A man is acting hatefully to most around him, especially to his son and his own father. Filial and paternal impiety. The sage when told remarks that the man has “lost the plot.”

What plot? The Universal Law: to do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

That plot he certainly has lost – but what plot has he gained?

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“Flying White Is the Perfect Marriage”

The so-called flying white is not the black on the white, as elsewhere on the painting, but the black with the white. There they are one.

I think of them as a perfect marriage, their mutual love.

There I see not only my mother’s love for me, but my parents’ love for each other.

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“Flying White”

The flying white: Where the power of the black, the yang, of the initial stroke of the brush, is tempered by the gentleness, the yin, of the canvas.

As the male’s strong impetuousness, his aggression, is calmed by the female’s softness, her yielding. She smiles, he relaxes – and now they kiss, lovingly.

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“First Know Your Mother’s Soul”

You can’t Aspire until you Know you have a Soul, for it is from the Soul that Aspiration arises.

And to Know your Soul, you must first Know your mother’s – often starting not directly with her but with a sunset, a painting, a sonata, as her.

To so see her as Her.

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“Is the Universe Moral?”

Lafcadio Hearn writes of “the question which all the sages have had to face: Is the universe moral?”

“Whether moral or immoral the cosmic process,” there must be one conviction: “the certainty that man should pursue the highest moral ideal with all his power to the unknown end, even though the suns in their courses should fight against him.”

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