“The Difference Between Shakespeare and Euripides”

The difference between Shakespeare and Euripides is that the former believed the plays were by him. Whereas Euripides believed they were through him.
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“Every Life is Poetic”

As Edith Hamilton stated, Ibsen is not a great tragedian in the spirit of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Shakespeare because his characters are of human size, whereas there’s nothing merely human of Oedipus or Lear.
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“A Mood Called Matrophilia”

It is said of all noh drama that “it sets out not to tell a story but to create a mood.” Well, to quite an extent my art is Japanese-inspired so perhaps it does resemble a noh play for it certainly tells no story and I hope for it to create a mood which for want of a better word I call Matrophilia.
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“Real Actors”

If I could ever examine them, I’m sure I’d find that the auras of “real” actors – those that we really believe – are very large, seemingly ever-expansive.
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“Outward Directed Communication”

We have found that if people direct their positive communication out toward others, even if it is just counting numbers, it will raise your Life Energy. Conversely, when they do not direct it out to anyone—when they just put it “into the air”—your energy is not raised.
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