Dr. Diamond’s Books on Meditation

Two ground-breaking books: The Diamond Color Meditation and Stillpoints.
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“Three Reflections on Action Meditation”

How are we to keep the meditative state induced in stillness, the inkling we have gained of the Buddha-Nature, continuing throughout the daily activities which follow? Yes, all of these should be, as the Bhagavad Gita teaches, a sacrifice to God; the whole day being lived as meditation in action, but how are we to achieve this?

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“Healing, Altruism, and the Surrender of the Ego”

The word altruism was coined relatively recently, by Auguste Comte in 1858, from the Latin, alter (other). To me the essence of healing is altruism. The more I can surrender my ego, give up any self-centered desires, and concentrate wholly on the suffering other, the more healing I will be.  

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“Hakuin Ekaku: Meditation in the Midst”

Hakuin Ekaku, the great Zen master made his life statement with his final piece of calligraphy: “a giant character for ‘midst,’ with the inscription, ‘Meditation in the MIDST of action is a billion times superior to meditation in stillness.’”*

Action Meditation: the Soul at work.


* Ed. Sushila Blackman, Graceful Exits (New York: Weatherhill, 1997), p.

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“Action Meditation: Surrendered to Spirit”

Meditation is, so I am led to believe, a surrender to Spirit. (And I also believe that it is Spirit that effects the surrender.)
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“Music is Healing – and Healing is Music”

Every day in my meditation, I place my hands over my thymus and pray:                         Help me                         to help You                         to heal.
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“Self-Analysis vs. Meditation”

It seems to me that the tragedy of Freud is that knowing his deep inner shall I say despair he chose what he called self-analysis rather than meditation: to find out what and why rather than Who?
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“My Evening Meditation”

Every evening I meditate on what needs to be looked at tomorrow.
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“The Problem with the Lotus Posture”

The lotus posture long has puzzled me. For I find nearly everyone when examined in this position to be in a very negative state.
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“Thanking – As Guided”

Every day at the end of my meditation I sing: Thank you, thank you, thank you, you all.
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