Dr. Diamond’s Books on Meditation

Two ground-breaking books: The Diamond Color Meditation and Stillpoints.
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“Thanking – As Guided”

Every day at the end of my meditation I sing: Thank you, thank you, thank you, you all.
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Audio Lecture: Why Meditate?

Meditation, argues Diamond, is a natural instinct, and so the act of meditating, like that of eating, crawling, suckling etc., is simply the fulfillment of that instinct.
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“Zazen for Two”

What if the Zen master meditated holding his wife? Would it be more difficult to go inside himself?
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“The Role of Meditation in My Day”

I start each day with two forms of meditation. One is quiet. The other is active: say, painting, writing or singing.
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“Aspirational Play”

It's not mere play that I encourage, but what I call Aspirational Play. Play with a Higher Purpose.
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“The Balance Between Reading and Meditation”

The wise Neo-Confucian Zhu Hsi (1130-1200) would recommend half a day reading and the other half quietly sitting.
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Video: A Tribute to Ainslie Meares

Dr. Diamond pays tribute to his close colleague, the great Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares (1910-86). Like Diamond, Meares gave up conventional medicine and became a teacher of meditation. In this heartfelt talk, Diamond discusses their friendship, and how Meares' pioneering work compares with his own.
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Video: Life As a Meditation

Dr. Diamond sees meditation not just as an isolated activity, but as a way of going through the whole of life. Its basic purpose is to help us find our mother's love for us. This brilliantly original and inspirational talk offers an excellent introduction to Diamond's higher philosophy.
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“Meditating on a Train”

Meditating on a train, my breathing conducted...
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