Dr. Diamond’s Books on Meditation

Two ground-breaking books: The Diamond Color Meditation and Stillpoints.
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“Meditating on a Train”

Meditating on a train, my breathing conducted...
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“Meditating to a Boab Tree”

I’d like to be a boab tree, sitting like a Buddha in the sand. Firmly planted, well grounded, legs folded under.
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“The Only Prayer”

The only Prayer is Gratos:
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Not just to be aware of Guidance
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“My Paintings Have No Story”

“Every picture tells a story.” D. T. Suzuki wrote of “The Zen Doctrine of No-Mind,” achieved through meditation. Yen Hui, the favorite pupil of Confucius, spoke of “sit and forget everything.” That is, meditating with no-mind.
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“The Closing of My Daily Meditation”

Suzie, dear: We are emissaries of the Spirit World. Our purpose on Earth is to establish links between this World and the Spiritual.
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“True Stillness: The Amygdala at Peace”

Our word stillness is from the root STA, to stand, to stay. Hence, for instance, steadfast. We think of stillness as being without movement.
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“Meditation – or Contemplation?”

In my meditation, I was given the thought to instead call it contemplation.
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“An Invocation”

In keeping with Otto Jespersen’s postulation that the original speech was gestural, and vowel-based, I have found that vowels actuate much more Life Energy than consonants, which are in a sense mere modifiers of the more basic overall gesture of the vowel. This led me to wonder if behind all the various words that societies have adopted for God there may be one that, at least for us in our society today, at an unconscious level so signifies.
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