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“Hope and the Sufferer”

So enthused Alexander Pope, a hunchback, crippled from childhood by spinal tuberculosis, barely four foot six inches tall. Would that every sufferer – and we all suffer – should so sing!
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“Real Actors”

If I could ever examine them, I’m sure I’d find that the auras of “real” actors – those that we really believe – are very large, seemingly ever-expansive.
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Poem: Written and read by Dr. Diamond

Dr. Diamond’s poetry contains some of his most profound and personal statements. Teeming with insight, wisdom, and compassion, and infused with a deep spirituality, each of the poems on these recordings is a gem, written with the specific intention of raising the Life Energy of the listener.
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Audio Lecture: Composers and Intimacy

After extensive research, Dr. Diamond discovers a group of seven classical composers whose music deeply energizes an essential aspect of the Acupuncture Emotional System: intimacy, associated with the liver meridian. These are the composers he most wants to listen to.
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