Book: The Veneration of Life

An inspiring new perspective on Alzheimer's.
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“The True Cure”

When a doctor approaches a patient he must think not only of the mechanics of the physical cure, but also of aiding the person in healing his spirit. This cannot be learned in medical school, it is not in the medical textbooks, nor does it qualify as a diagnosis for insurance companies. But it is what really matters.
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“Not Wanting to Give Up Their Illness”

For years I had to use a faulty electric hand drier in the toilet of an office building I visit very frequently. Sometimes it would turn on when, as instructed, I placed my hands under the nozzle, or if I hit it – just so. But next time in the same place, it would not.

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“Helping the Children of Mothers with Schizophrenia”

I remember back in 1960 attending a lecture by a visiting psychiatric dignitary, I believe it was E.J. Anthony. His subject was the children of schizophrenic mothers.
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“A Meditation on Chi”

Chi is everywhere – Heaven’s Breath. Around us everywhere as etheric chi. When inspired into the body it is transmuted into bodily chi by the thymus, the controller of the acupuncture system. From there it flows through the meridians in a definite sequence, bestowing this energy, this “love,” on every organ and tissue. Then finally exiting to rejoin the etheric chi.
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“Disease Starts in the Mind – and Beyond It”

Disease starts in the mind, Paracelsus proclaimed. But so very few physical treaters even consider this fact – let alone attempt to alleviate.
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Video: Transcending Psychiatry

The goal of psychiatry is usually just symptom relief. While important, there is so much more to be done. Dr. Diamond has for many years been mainly concerned with addressing the anguish that underlies the symptoms – the anguish of the human condition.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“Soul-Pointing Not Bone-Pointing”

A very dedicated nurse practitioner told me of a patient whom I had once also seen. She is afflicted with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and has of course mobility difficulties. When I saw her, her Inner Flame was very low – she had read and been told so much about her diagnosis and her prognosis that she had, basically, surrendered any desire to live.
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“Medical Diagnosis as Bone-Pointing”

I’m thinking of the technically most skilled surgeon but also the most flawed. Time and again he would stand with his entourage at the foot of the patient’s bed and declare, “Well, you’ve got the cancer and you’re gonna die!”
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“Renouncing the Medical Model”

As a doctor, my work was to help, to encourage, to treat, perhaps even at times to heal. Always underneath is a degree, often a large degree, of preaching, of fear-mongering: “Do this – or else.” The other day I overheard a (lay) “healer” telling a “patient” that he could possibly come to need a colostomy. Telling – terrorizing.
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