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“Music Direct from the Muse”

We must have music with tunes, for we do not trust the composer. We fear the unknown he is taking us into. We are not safe with him – unless we see him as our mother of love.

But the Soul of the composer (or, for that matter, the Soul of any of us) does not know tunes.

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“Written by a Zen Master”

You should read this book, you are importuned, because it was written by a “Zen master.”

That is thought to be a higher commendation than “enlightened person.”

But perhaps it really is not, for every religion has musts, has strictures that constrict. So there can never be

– Free!

And Perfect Freedom would logically seem to be the way to Enlightenment.

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“A Digital Nikon Needs Constant Reassurance”

I could keep my film Nikons in the camera bag all day – or even for long stretches of time. And I always knew that however physically separated we were, they always loved me.

But a digital needs constant reassurance. Which is why so often I just hold it in my hands.

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“A Love Affair with My Film Nikon F3’s”

I had a long-time love affair with my film Nikon F3’s. Like all true loves, it was mutual. But with digital it is so different, for now my Nikons are inherently fickle and need constant stroking and reassurance.

Yes, I can love them as I did the F3’s – and they can love me in return.

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“A Clear Channel for the Spirit World”

To be a clear channel for the Spirit World does not mean that the Soul which receives the message does not hear it clearly, but rather that the ego will clearly communicate it to the physical world.

The channel in is always clear, but only rarely the channel out. Have we ever heard the Muse singing as She heard?

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“We All Are the Golden Buddha”

“The Buddha of the deeper Buddhism is not Gautama … but simply the divine in man. Chrysalides of the infinite we all are: each contains a ghostly Buddha, and the millions are but one.”

— Lafcadio Hearn[1] 

Our word chrysalis originally referred to the gold-colored pupa of a butterfly, from the Greek khrusos, gold.

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