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“Everything Is a Projected Image of the Mother”

Our basic task in life is to come to Know our mothers as the Mother of Love, to live at last in the state of Belovedness. Not that she, in reality, needs to change, but rather that we need to change our inner image of her.

At the deepest level, everyone, everything we see is one or another projected image of the mother.

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“Anguish Is Caused by Desire”

To desire to be free of anguish (the Buddha’s First Noble Truth) is actually to increase our anguish, for the Second Noble Truth is that the anguish is caused by desire. The answer would seem to be that we should be altruistic, with no desire to help the other, nor, of course, one’s self.

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“As the Buddha Taught”

As the Buddha taught, our lives our anguish, because, I am led to believe, we do not Know our Innate Perfection, our Buddha-Nature, our Soul.

One way to the Soul is through outwardly-directed, altruistic, acts of High Creativity – for these come from the Muse, the God within, the Soul.

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“A Birthday Is the Mother’s”

A birthday is not so much the child’s as the mother’s.

Today my paintings, new born, are being displayed to the world. Not my day but that of my painting guides. Through me, they are painting again.

Today is their re-birth day.

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“Meditation Outwardly Directed”

To be healed, to be whole, is to be one with one’s Soul. And it is my belief that we need to go out to come in: to find our mother’s Soul in order to then find our own: meditation outwardly directed. (Initially we may find the Soul of another – a person, a creature, a thing, nature, a piece of music, art, or whatever – as her, and go from the other to the mother.)

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“My Two Favorite Trees”

My two favorite trees:
one covered with lichen: eczema,
the other twisted: scoliosis.

Do I love them most
because they are like patients?

And is that why
I feel most loved by them?

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