Mothers & Mothering

“You Are as You Believe Your Mother to Be”

You are as you believe your mother to be.
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“The Heart’s Affections”

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of imagination.”                                                                                                                         Keats
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“On the Etymology of Fetus”

Our word fetus, relating to the baby within from the time of quickening, its mother’s Awareness of the Spirit within her, is derived from the root DHEL which, surprisingly, meant “to suck.”
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“Her Womb of Love”

Heaven is Her Womb of Love.
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“The Very Essence of Loving”

What matters more: “I love you” or “I Know you love me”? I believe the second – and my love is in grateful return for hers.
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“Breath and Breast”

There must be an unconscious association between our words (and therefore our concepts) breath and breast, as their etymologies are so close that they must have been derived from a single primitive source.
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“All the World is my Mother”

All the world is my mother, and all the world is yours.
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“All Civilization Needs”

The very essence of the work of the psychoanalyst George Frankl: 1. all children are born loving     and 2. human nature is essentially good.
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“Quickening: The Awareness of the Spirit Within”

To quicken: to give life, to vivify. The anthropologist Margaret Murray at the age of ninety-nine declared in her "The Genesis of Religion" that the origin of the religious feeling occurred long, long ago when a woman first felt the mysterious quickening and attributed it to an unseen Power.
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“Thoughts on Epicurus”

The Four-Part Cure of Epicurus (341 BCE – 270 BCE) "Don’t fear god, Don’t worry about death, What is good is easy to get, and What is terrible is easy to endure."
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