Mothers & Mothering

“Music and Mothering”

Throughout the ages music has been associated with mothering. The first sounds the baby hears are those of his mother – her breathing, her pulse and of course her voice transmitted to him through his watery environment. He is in a sea of pulsation, all generated by the mother.

In the outer world when he is on her belly and at her breast, he still hears her pulsations and especially her voice.

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“The Drum and the Mother”

The basic problem of all existence, the root cause of all human suffering, is alienation from the mother. She was the whole world to us – the source of all love, and the cause of all distress. Reconciliation with her, the grateful reunion, is the task of life. This is the way, the only way, to love and enlightenment.

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“‘You’re the Only Star’: Music, Illness, and Motherhood”

When I was six I was admitted to hospital extremely ill, not thought to live.

I vividly recall my mother waving good-bye to me through the glass screen. (I must have been in an isolation unit.)

Then she hurriedly turned away to hide her tears, but I knew. And then she was gone.

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“Knowing Our Mother’s Soul”

It is imperative, I believe, for us to see, to Know, our mother’s Soul, her Godliness, her Buddha-Nature. Only then can we Know our own – and so, at last, be relieved of our anguish.

This does not mean that our mothers need to change but only our inner image of her.

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“Our Life’s Work”

I am given to believe that for each of us our life’s work, our individual Karma, is to find our Souls and then live accordingly. And, further, the Way may be to go not inside ourselves, but first outside – to our mothers.
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“Aesthetic Experience as Quickening”

The quickening: the mother’s first awareness of the baby within. And by capitalizing – Quickening – I am referring to the mother’s first awareness of the baby as spirit within her.
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“Think Only of What Your Mother Yearned to Be”

Vivekananda taught to not concentrate on the mother but on that which animates her. From the root ANE, breath – that which animates – is derived the Latin anima, the Soul.
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“You Are as You Believe Your Mother to Be”

You are as you believe your mother to be.
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“The Heart’s Affections”

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of imagination.”                                                                                                                         Keats
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“On the Etymology of Fetus”

Our word fetus, relating to the baby within from the time of quickening, its mother’s Awareness of the Spirit within her, is derived from the root DHEL which, surprisingly, meant “to suck.”
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