Mothers & Mothering

“Perfect, Capital P.”

To capitalize the word perfect is to endow it with a newer, deeper, meaning.
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Video: Finding Your Mother’s Soul

By finding your mother's soul, you can find your own, and then free yourself of the anguish of human existence. A brief introduction to this cornerstone of Diamond's work.
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“The Death of Shisui”

About to die, the Zen monk Shisui was asked by his disciples to write a death poem. He grasped his brush, painted a circle – and died.
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“Go with Her Aspiration”

Go not with your mother's actions – but with her Aspiration, her Soul.
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“The Uterus Shrinks but the Womb Expands”

The uterus shrinks with middle age, but the Womb ever Expands –
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Maturation – not just aging – is ever more Knowing her love.
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“The Problem with the Lotus Posture”

The lotus posture long has puzzled me. For I find nearly everyone when examined in this position to be in a very negative state.
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“An Example of Untrammeled Maternal Instinct”

“In Ladakh, boys and girls are encouraged to develop their nurturing instincts.”
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“Belovedness Is…”

Belovedness is the blessed state of Knowing you are beloved. Basically, by your mother – as she always yearned to give to you to Know.
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“Going Down to Come Up”

In John Blofeld’s worshipful book "In Search of the Goddess of Compassion," he writes on Kuan Yin, Tara, Amida – but never mentions his own mother.
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