Mothers & Mothering

Video: Finding the Mother’s Soul

Dr. Diamond reveals the key to the lessening of the anguish of the human condition: finding your mother’s love. One in the “Mothers and Mothering” series of videos.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“We All Are Ramakrishnas”

This is Romain Rolland’s praise, in admiration, of Ramakrishna:

The Seraphic Master had spent his whole life at the feet of the Divine Beloved, the Mother – the Living God. He had been dedicated to Her from infancy; before he had attained self-consciousness he had the consciousness that he loved Her.

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“You Are As My Mother”

You are as my mother 
aspired to be: 
when I look in your eyes 
– it’s her love I see. 

This is reprised (“haiku’d”) as

You are as my mother 
– it’s her love I see. 

Which can be further abbreviated to

You are 
– I see. 

And the “you” is anyone, everyone, anything, everything.

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“Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904)”

At the end of his tragically short life (1850-1904), Lafcadio Hearn, “Japan’s Greatest Interpreter,” wrote this in his Reverie.* Especially poignant as he had been separated from his mother since he was two:

“It has been said that men fear death much as the child cries at entering the world, being unable to know what loving hands are waiting to receive it … [A]s a happy fancy it is beautiful … It is beautiful, I think, because it suggests, in so intimate a way, the hope that to larger knowledge the Absolute will reveal itself as the mother – love made infinite … Some all-transfiguring hope created by the memory of Woman as Mother, and the more that races evolve towards higher things, the more Feminine becomes their idea of a God.” 

He concludes, “The light of the mother’s smile will survive our sun; the thrill of her kiss will last beyond the thrilling of stars; the sweetness of her lullaby will endure in the cradle-songs of worlds yet unevolved.

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“To Know Our Mother’s Soul”

It is imperative, I believe, for us to see, to Know, our mother’s Soul, her Godliness, her Buddha-Nature. Only then can we Know our own – and so, at last, be relieved of our anguish.

This does not mean that our mothers need to change but only our inner image of her.

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“Breast Feeding, Bonding and Myofunctional Therapy”

In his book, Myofunctional Therapy in Dental Practice [Bartel Dental Book Company, New York, 1971], Daniel Garliner cites Richard Applebaum’s paper on breast feeding—a paper of unlimited significance. Applebaum gives very explicit instructions on how the baby should be supported while at the breast in order to ensure the best sucking.
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