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Books: Dr. Diamond’s Philosophy of Healing

Six books that outline different aspects of Dr. Diamond's unique approach to holistic health and healing.
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“What Is Holism?”

I saw eternity the other night
Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
All calm as it was bright.


Red abstract photograph by John Diamond, M.D.Red abstract photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

Let us start by considering the origin of the word holism. When you consult the Oxford English Dictionary you make a surprising discovery.

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“Two Wheels on Dry Land”

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."—A.T. Still, the founder of Osteopathy
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“A Note on Being ‘Holistic’ ”

"Holistic" in our framework concerns the way you treat the patient, the manner in which you assess all factors influencing him – spiritual, mental and physical – as he goes through his daily life.
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“What Is Homeostasis?”

Every time you recover from an illness it is because of the body's drive for homeostasis, and when we do not recover it is because our drive was not great enough for the particular circumstances.
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“The Nature of Healing”

The word heal is related etymologically, and therefore in our unconscious, with the word whole.
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Video: Introducing Aspiration

Aspiration, the belief that life has a Higher Purpose, is at the basis of holistic healing. Dr. Diamond here introduces the concept.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“The Healer Never Heals”

The healer never heals. That can only come from inside the sufferer.
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Video: A Tribute to Sidney J. Baker

Dr. Diamond pays tribute to the great philologist Sidney J. Baker (1912-1976), discussing their friendship and the remarkable work that resulted from it.

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See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“The Turbine”

When as a medical student I tried to study biochemistry, I became overwhelmed by the hundreds of equations and diagrams. They were so confusing because they seemed not to make broad sense. There seemed to be no overall perspective, just so many little independent facts.

I spent nearly a year preparing a large master flowchart showing all the biochemical reactions in our textbooks, all displayed out there before me in a way that made it so all-encompassingly logical.

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