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Books: Dr. Diamond’s Philosophy of Healing

Six books that outline different aspects of Dr. Diamond's unique approach to holistic health and healing.
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“The Endeavor of Psyche-atry”

I would like to practice true Psyche-atry.

Psyche is from the root BHES – to breathe. The Greek psukhein, to breathe gave us psukhe, soul. (The Latin halare, from the same root, gave us inhalation and exhalation – and halitosis.)

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Video: Leaving the Thymus Intact

The thymus changes atmospheric chi, via the breath, into the electromagnetic chi that flows through our acupuncture system. Dr. Diamond discusses how, up until recently, medicine has disregarded the value of such a crucial organ.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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Video: The Thymus and the Heart Chakra

Dr. Diamond discusses his pioneering work with the heart chakra and the thymus, the organ relating most closely to it, especially in regard to his bestseller “Your Body Doesn’t Lie.” A fascinating introduction to a foundational holistic health principle.

“Your Body Doesn’t Lie” is available here

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“Empathy, Sympathy, and a Broken Relationship”

How much
do you feel
your other
is feeling?

They were only together a short time when she became pregnant. Here they are six years later with a boy of whom they are both so proud – and very deservedly so.

However two years after his birth they separated and only recently have returned. Both with recriminations.

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“A Definition of Healing”

To heal is to help the sufferer establish links between the physical world that he knows and the Spirit World he has yet to Know.
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Video: How Can a Doctor Laugh?

Medicine is seemingly no laughing matter. Yet John Diamond, M.D., reveals a world beneath the superficial where the doctor can find true Joy, and so encourage his patients to do the same.

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“All Healing”

All Healing
is silent Music.

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Video: The Fundamentalism of Medicine

Dr. Diamond discusses the transformation of medicine into a more mechanical modality, with a corresponding loss in empathy, holistic thinking – and aesthetic sense!

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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Video: Singing and Surgery

Dr. Diamond discusses using the power of music, innate in us all, to help transcend traumatic experiences such as surgery.

Based on these insights, Dr. Diamond has written a remarkable book of the same title, to encourage others to view surgery as a spiritual, transcendental experience, rather than one rooted in fear and anxiety.

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