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Books: Dr. Diamond’s Philosophy of Healing

Six books that outline different aspects of Dr. Diamond's unique approach to holistic health and healing.
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“The Importance of the Hara”

I believe if a person could spend his whole waking time being aware of his hara – as is taught in some Eastern religions – his life would be so different. He’d always have his own identity. No-one could push him off course. Nothing would really affect him, and all his negativities would be superficial.

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“Being Holistic”

Just what do we mean by “holistic”? So many holistic health centers offer professional work in many different areas – yoga, meditation, biofeedback, reflexology, nutritional counseling, patterned exercises, relaxation therapy, massage, acupressure and so on. But simply offering all these forms of therapy does not necessarily make a clinic holistic.

“Holistic” in our framework encompasses the way you treat the person.

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“The Core of All True Therapy”

A vow is the most sincere, solemn promise.

The dedicated student makes a vow to learn all he can to actuate his Life Energy. And his therapist makes a complementary vow to teach him.

This mutual vow is at the very heart’s core of all True Therapy. With­out this bilateral, equal, and total commitment there can never be True Therapy.

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“The True Cure”

When a doctor approaches a patient he must think not only of the mechanics of the physical cure, but also of aiding the person in healing his spirit. This cannot be learned in medical school, it is not in the medical textbooks, nor does it qualify as a diagnosis for insurance companies. But it is what really matters.
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“A World Beyond Medicine”

What is Beethoven to medicine? And the Buddha, and Shankara, and Raphael, and Blake, and Monteux, and Euripides.
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“The True Psychiatrist is a Meta-Psychiatrist”

“Modern psychological science dispenses altogether with the soul. … The new psychologists have ceased to think nobly of the soul, and even speak of it as a complete superfluity.”
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Video: The True Physician’s Role

The true physician's role is to ensure that the patient has a fervent desire for Life Energy, that is, they truly want to be healthy.
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“Perhaps We All Die as Hedgehogs”

It is said that when drowning your whole life flashes before your eyes. If so, then at that very instant we suddenly Know why we have lived.
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“Helping the Child from His Earliest Years”

“…he himself is subject to his birth” –Hamlet, I.iii.78 Especially if we enlarge “birth” to include the nine months before and the year after – the period Michel Odent calls that of Primal Health.
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