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“The Power of the Hara”

I believe if a person could spend his whole waking life aware of his hara – as is taught in some Eastern religions – his life would be so different. He’d always have his own identity. No-one could push him off course. No-one could really in a sense invade deep into him. All negativities would be superficial.

And how his creativity would be enhanced. For regular creativity, with a small c, comes from the brain. But real Creativity, with a capital C, the creativity that most raises the Life Energy, comes from the hara.

Let us not forget that for the woman, the hara is the womb. For men and women, the hara within us is as if it were the mother’s womb. We’re constantly in touch with this deep, deep aspect of the mother whenever we are in touch with our own hara. That’s why it’s so important for our sense of identity, because our basic identity is that we are of our mother. We are as her soul.