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“The Power of a Black Dot”

Abstract black and white sumi ink painting with gold border, minimalist with one dot and four lines, created for healing by a medical doctor

Painting by John Diamond, M.D.

and Still,
and Infinite.

A dot is still and simple and infinite.

Consider a black dot – singular – on a sheet of white paper.

So seeming simple, so seeming still. Yet it seems to emanate everywhere – is infinite.

The major difference between white and black is that white has dissipated all the colors within, but black still contains them – waiting.

So the dot’s emanation from all the colors still within.

The power of that black dot in the expanse of white: balanced yin and yang. It controls the whole area as a seeming insignificant chess pawn at QP4. It is like an atom in the sense of the power held within it.

A black dot
an enso
filled with Light.