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Poem: Written and read by Dr. Diamond

Dr. Diamond’s poetry contains some of his most profound and personal statements. Teeming with insight, wisdom, and compassion, and infused with a deep spirituality, each of the poems on these recordings is a gem, written with the specific intention of raising the Life Energy of the listener.
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Video: Art and Spontaneity

Dr. Diamond's artwork is truly spontaneous - that is, done without deliberation and very quick - and always with the hope of creating a spark that will raise the Life Energy of the viewer.
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“The Japanese Mother and the Law of Harmonious Flow”

Richard Storry writes of the “devoted attention given, throughout its waking hours, to the Japanese child by the mother,” noting that “the conscious and unconscious Japanese memory of childhood in Arcadia depends surely on the constant proximity, concern, and availability of the mother.”
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