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“Is the Ego Also Brahman?”

It does seem to me, in my limited way, that Shankara's Non-Duality is not exactly so. He states that Atman is Brahman, and Atman is the Deepest Self (what I would call the Soul): the Soul is God.
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Video: We Live in Imagined Fears

We live much of our lives in fear, but those fears are often imaginary and are the ultimate reason for our life's anguish. They begin prenatally and are exacerbated by the modern birthing process. One in the Mothers and Mothering series of videos.
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“A Tribute to Hephzibah Menuhin”

In the middle of last night, I thought of "Fisher." Was it the Fisher Library at Sydney University? Then it became Avery Fisher – the concert hall at Lincoln Center. Why? Who?
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“The Belief in an Infinite Beyond”

The last point of the cascading flow of chi through the acupuncture system, starting at left Lung 1, is right Bladder 67. The point of all Resolution. One of its attributes is the belief that there is an Infinite Beyond.
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