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“A Meditation on Chi”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

Chi is everywhere – Heaven’s Breath. Around us everywhere as etheric chi. When inspired into the body it is transmuted into bodily chi by the thymus, the controller of the acupuncture system.

From there it flows through the meridians in a definite sequence, bestowing this energy, this “love,” on every organ and tissue. Then finally exiting to rejoin the etheric chi.

Everywhere bestowing love.

Any negative influence (arising from within or without) will impact a particular point on a particular meridian, more chi being required there. If it suffices, no harm is done – enough love was bestowed.

On the other hand, every positive specific influence will initiate more chi to be bestowed on that point and so the associated organs and tissues.

Disease may therefore by thought to be not enough chi/love bestowed, and health the very opposite.

We may meditate on the chi as love entering us and flowing through us, giving chi/love enough. And then finally returning to the ether with our gratitude.

Heaven’s Breath forever bestowing.