Spirit World & Guidance

“Aspiration and Other Power”

Aspiration is the rising up to Other Power. And, of course, it is Other Power that causes us to Aspire.
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“The Belief in an Infinite Beyond”

The last point of the cascading flow of chi through the acupuncture system, starting at left Lung 1, is right Bladder 67. The point of all Resolution. One of its attributes is the belief that there is an Infinite Beyond.
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“Mum’s Ring – Our Enso”

Many times my mother’s spirit would come through and mention her ring which Suzie now wears. Mum’s ring – our Enso.
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“The Spirit of the Rocks”

The ancient Chinese scholar poets, the so-called literati, greatly appreciated certain rocks for their aesthetic qualities. Gongshi they were called, scholar's rocks. I have collected many rocks – from everywhere. (One is in my other hand now as I write this). It's not their aesthetics but their Spirit that I Feel.
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“Belief in the Spirit World is Innate”

Why must it be imposed on a believer to prove the existence of the Spirit World? What if the Belief is innate, as is the feeding instinct?
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“Is carving a rock desecration?”

Is carving a rock desecration?
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“With So Many Spirit Guides”

With so many spirit guides I’ve been made aware of – it’s hard for me to say “I.”
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“SEK is SAK: All is Sacred”

The very essence of Confucius, as propounded by Herbert Fingarette is “The Secular as Sacred.” Our word sacred is from the root SAK, to make holy – hence also sanctify, sanctuary and saint.
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“I Keep Saying”

I keep saying “I do this, I do that.”
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“As In Meditation, So In Life”

A psychic medium told me he asked the Spirit World how best to communicate with it. The reply: “Come as to your mother.” I would just add the obvious, “Come as to your mother of love.”
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