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“Is carving a rock desecration?”

Is carving a rock desecration?
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“With So Many Spirit Guides”

With so many spirit guides I’ve been made aware of – it’s hard for me to say “I.”
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“SEK is SAK: All is Sacred”

The very essence of Confucius, as propounded by Herbert Fingarette is “The Secular as Sacred.” Our word sacred is from the root SAK, to make holy – hence also sanctify, sanctuary and saint.
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“I Keep Saying”

I keep saying “I do this, I do that.”
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“As In Meditation, So In Life”

A psychic medium told me he asked the Spirit World how best to communicate with it. The reply: “Come as to your mother.” I would just add the obvious, “Come as to your mother of love.”
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“All of Your Actions the Result of Guidance”

It's one thing to believe that, say, your mother, in spirit, comes to you through a medium, and that “she” is helping you in your life. But it's quite another to believe that there are many, perhaps innumerable, spirits guiding you.
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“The Belief in Non-Guidance is Guidance”

However much you may believe that you believe in jiriki (self-power) that's still Tariki (Other Power) acting through you.
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“The Wind that Blows Through Me”

For me, a major – perhaps the major – criterion of any work of art is whether the viewer believes not that the artist has painted it, but that it has been painted through him.
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“Danced by the Spirit”

As I am danced by the spirit of the music playing,
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“All Guidance Is For All”

Whatever one does affects everyone else, and whatever is done to one affects everyone else.
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