Spirit World & Guidance

“The Painter’s Eye”

The painter’s eye, in meditation free, does fly from earth to Heaven, from Heaven to earth,
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“Intuition – or Guidance?”

This morning, just after waking, I recalled this incident at a seminar on “medical intuition:” A doctor who admitted he used intuition in his psychiatric practice was asked by the speaker whether he had told his colleagues.
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Audio Lecture: Why God Gave Us Love

God gave us love to help us deal with the vicissitudes of our lives, which we live for the spirit inside us to evolve.
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“Happy and Blessed in Death”

“Call no man happy before he dies, he is at best but [merely] fortunate.” Solon
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“An Emissary of the Spirit World”

Every artist, whether he knows it or not, is an emissary of the Spirit World.
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“No Insp – no Asp”

It’s allowing the Inspiration that enables the Aspiration.
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Audio Lecture: A Substrate for the Spirit Within

We are present here on earth just to act as the vehicle – what Dr. Diamond here terms a "substrate" – for the spirit within us to evolve.
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“Thanking – As Guided”

Every day at the end of my meditation I sing: Thank you, thank you, thank you, you all.
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“What I Have Learned from Owen Potts”

I have been asked what I have learned most from all my sessions with the great psychic medium Owen Potts. Well, firstly that there is, in a sense, life after death. It is not we that survive, but the spirit that has been within us from conception in this particular incarnation. Not me – but the spirit within me.
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“The Balance Between Reading and Meditation”

The wise Neo-Confucian Zhu Hsi (1130-1200) would recommend half a day reading and the other half quietly sitting.
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