Spirit World & Guidance

“What I Have Learned from Owen Potts”

I have been asked what I have learned most from all my sessions with the great psychic medium Owen Potts. Well, firstly that there is, in a sense, life after death. It is not we that survive, but the spirit that has been within us from conception in this particular incarnation. Not me – but the spirit within me.
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“The Balance Between Reading and Meditation”

The wise Neo-Confucian Zhu Hsi (1130-1200) would recommend half a day reading and the other half quietly sitting.
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“A Request Answered”

I’m thinking – asking – what to do to help a sufferer in deep anguish. Around me hundreds of trees, infinite leaves.
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“All As Intended”

There can be no wrong notes, for all is Intended. It's just that some are judged wrong (and that's also as Intended).
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“Pollock, Painting, and Guidance”

When they perform fractal analysis of Jackson Pollock's paintings, a remarkable discovery is made. Lo and behold! The paint drippings and tossings are not random. (No more than were the Chinese paint flingings over a millennium ago.) There is an underlying order and purpose. A plan.
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“All, All, All One”

I speak of each of us having a Soul, as if each Soul were individual. But perhaps there's only one Soul, with myriad manifestations.
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“With Every Breath We Are Ablaze”

I love the SP root. It gave rise to so many words, most of them with a common, central meaning. Consider a few: spurt, sprinkle, spark, sperm, sputum, spit. All with the idea of something vital being projected from a live source to a destination which it may vitalize: the spark igniting the kindling.
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Not just to be aware of Guidance
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“The Role of the Artist”

The role of the Artist is to render Spirit...
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“Aspire to the Spirit World”

Aspire to the Spirit World...
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