Spirit World & Guidance

“All, All, All One”

I speak of each of us having a Soul, as if each Soul were individual. But perhaps there's only one Soul, with myriad manifestations.
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“With Every Breath We Are Ablaze”

I love the SP root. It gave rise to so many words, most of them with a common, central meaning. Consider a few: spurt, sprinkle, spark, sperm, sputum, spit. All with the idea of something vital being projected from a live source to a destination which it may vitalize: the spark igniting the kindling.
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Not just to be aware of Guidance
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“The Role of the Artist”

The role of the Artist is to render Spirit...
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“Aspire to the Spirit World”

Aspire to the Spirit World...
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“To Live on the Pulse”

To sing, to play, to dance, on the Pulse, you must believe that there is a Spirit World.
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“The Soul, the Spirit, and the Karmic Plan”

A general note on what I think I mean: Soul: the Deepest, Holiest part of an individual’s self, which, being of the self, dies with the rest. It is our Jen, our Humanity, our Matrophilia. Spirit: The spirit dwells within us throughout our lives, being incarnated at our conception. And on our death it returns to the Spirit World, to be reincarnated again and again as it has been countless times in the past – and as it will be in the future.
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“Linking in with the Spirit World”

The more we are linked in with the Spirit World, the more the spirit within will progress through our life experience.
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“The Acupuncture Emotional System and the Spirit World”

The two most important Acupuncture Emotional System (AES) points to help us to link in with the Spirit World and Guidance are: Lung 5: Aspiration (to the Spirit World); and Lung 3: Surrender to Other Power (the Spirit World).
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“The Closing of My Daily Meditation”

Suzie, dear: We are emissaries of the Spirit World. Our purpose on Earth is to establish links between this World and the Spiritual.
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