Spirit World & Guidance

“Affirmations for Meditation”

Three powerful affirmations for meditation.
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“The Power of the Dot”

Many of my paintings have a dot; usually just one, sometimes many. I am always astounded by the power of a dot. Just one alone on a canvas seems to have more power than many lines. To me, my most satisfying paintings consist of but one dot and one curved line. Both placed as Guided.
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“The Search for the Word”

I have been searching for a long time to find a particular word or phrase. It is a word for what we call divine or universal love. Unfortunately, the word love has been so debased and misused and overused that it now has little real value. We “love” ice cream and we say that it tastes “divine,” so how can we use those same words for God or for the God that we see in our fellow man?

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“The Tao is not for us”

Once we are given to realize that the Tao is not for us but for the spirit within us...
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Video: The Inherent Nature of Man – Pelagius vs St. Augustine

Dr. Diamond discusses whether the nature of man is inherently good or evil.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“A Tribute to Dr. Louis Cholden”

Louis Cholden died at the age of thirty-eight in an automobile accident. He had been on his way to moderate a panel of the 1956 convention of the American Psychiatric Association. The loss was ours, as he would have become one of the greatest leaders in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. His writings are among the mere handful in the field that truly proclaim love.
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Video: The Soul and the Spirit

Dr. Diamond distinguishes between the Soul, the deepest part of the self that dies with us, and the Spirit inside us that lives on after our death.
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“An Old Raku Bowl”

I'm holding this old raku bowl – Reverently. The spirit of the unknown craftsman, long dead, lives on through it, in it.
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“Dancing to Heaven’s Breath”

Through my consulting room window I can see the two personages I often consult when in difficulty.
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Video: The Existence of a Spirit World

Dr. Diamond discusses an issue at the heart of spirituality and religion: Is there or is there not a Spirit World?
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