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“Intuition – or Guidance?”

This morning, just after waking, I recalled this incident at a seminar on “medical intuition:”

A doctor who admitted he used intuition in his psychiatric practice was asked by the speaker whether he had told his colleagues. When he replied that he didn’t, he was informed that he should. “But,” I interrupted, “what if it was his intuition not to tell them?” He had the choice to tell, but chose not to. That was the received opinion.

Let’s look at intuition. It could be a very special enlightened faculty that intuitives like that doctor and the speaker believe they possess, or it could be Guidance. That is to say, not by them, but through them. It comes down to self-power or Other Power. If you believe – are Guided to believe – in self-power then, of course, you have choice, and can be chastised, punished, if you choose what is chosen to be called wrong.

But what if there’s no choice? That all is Determined, as Intended by the Karmic Plan? The doctor’s intuition, the memory being given to me today, my interruption – and my writing of it now.