Mothers & Mothering

“An Example of Untrammeled Maternal Instinct”

“In Ladakh, boys and girls are encouraged to develop their nurturing instincts.”
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“Belovedness Is…”

Belovedness is the blessed state of Knowing you are beloved. Basically, by your mother – as she always yearned to give to you to Know.
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“Going Down to Come Up”

In John Blofeld’s worshipful book "In Search of the Goddess of Compassion," he writes on Kuan Yin, Tara, Amida – but never mentions his own mother.
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“The Start of Shaktism”

In the Hindu religion, Shakti (energy, power) is Divine Power personified as a feminine principle.
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“Our Task in Life: to Transmute Kali”

Kali: the Hindu black goddess; she of the black, horrible tongue. She wears a belt made of dismembered arms and a necklace of skulls. She wanders through cremation grounds, being the mistress of a world rushing uncontrollably toward death.
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“Holding the Twig ‘Just-So'”

Holding the twig “just-so.” The Japanese is sono-mama which naturally I particularly like because of the mama.
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“The Ambivalence of Goddesses”

The most interesting recurrent image is the ambivalence of so many of the goddesses: they could help or harm, cure or curse, promote life or destroy it.
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“Mencius and My Mother’s Love”

I will believe, with Mencius, that my inherent nature is to love, as it is the inherent nature of water for it to flow downstream.
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“Helping the Children of Mothers with Schizophrenia”

I remember back in 1960 attending a lecture by a visiting psychiatric dignitary, I believe it was E.J. Anthony. His subject was the children of schizophrenic mothers.
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“Would That We Were All Philomators!”

There were seven Cleopatras, the last one – the one of our fantasies – was Cleopatra VII, the last queen of Egypt. The name is Macedonian meaning “Famous in her Father.”
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