Mothers & Mothering

“The Beloved Zygote”

A zygote is “the union of two gametes, first cell of the person to be” (Joseph T. Shipley). Our word zygote is derived from the root IUEG, to join together, to unite, hence also union and yoga.
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“The Anlage of All Fear”

Let’s consider that the baby in the womb has, at some level, a sense of awareness of about seven months – some five thousand hours, that’s some three hundred thousand minutes! And how many of those minutes is the amygdala at peace – and how many in a state of alarm?
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Video: Matrophilia – Love of the Mother

Matrophilia, the love of the mother, is a cornerstone of Dr. Diamond’s work and the basis of physical, mental, and spiritual health.
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“Reawakening Jen in Our Civilization”

Arthur Waley writes of Jen, our inherent humanity, as “The Way of Goodness, long discarded by the rulers of the world in favour of a Way of violence and aggression.”
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Video: Memories of My Mother

In this video Dr. John Diamond shares some poignant memories of his mother, from his childhood through to her passing.
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“The Perfect Gift”

For his departing student, the Buddhist Master painted a perfect circle.
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“The Performer, His Audience, and the Maternal Instinct”

Music as the Maternal Instinct. A mother doesn't lullaby to get love – but to give.

Musicians, in contrast, are yearning to get – from the audience as the mother. Their music a cry for love. Listen to Beethoven – he is desperately seeking, not giving. They all are.

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“The Mother as ‘the First Vision of Light'”

"My first Vision of Light."
– Blake, “To Thomas Butts”

From the root BHA, to shine, light, bright, is derived our epiphany and theophany, and photo.

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“Mummy, I Hardly Knew You”

I was talking to a dentist friend who remarked on my mother across the room that she had dentures, he could tell.

I suddenly realized not only did I not know this about her – but so much else!

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“Zen (and Not)”

Lucien Stryk says of Zen: "to use the fewest … strokes of the brush to express their feelings."

In that case, my paintings – now – are certainly Zen: very few strokes, so many only one.

But, to go further: what feeling to express?

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