Mothers & Mothering

“When my mother lay dying”

When my mother lay dying, I should have sung to her
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“The Basic Teaching of Paracelsus and Blake”

For Paracelsus, the imagination was “the central function of man and the source of all his activities.” Blake, heavily influenced by Paracelsus, went one step beyond, capitalizing imagination which could be of anything. Blake referred to Imagination as variously “the Divine-Humanity,” “The Divine Vision,” “the Divine Arts of Imagination.”
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“I want to commune”

I want to commune not primarily with the mystics
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Video: Yoga – Union with the Mother

Dr. John Diamond introduces his unique, mother-centered approach to Yoga.

One in the series of “Mothers and Mothering” videos.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“The Beloved Zygote”

A zygote is “the union of two gametes, first cell of the person to be” (Joseph T. Shipley). Our word zygote is derived from the root IUEG, to join together, to unite, hence also union and yoga.
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“The Anlage of All Fear”

Let’s consider that the baby in the womb has, at some level, a sense of awareness of about seven months – some five thousand hours, that’s some three hundred thousand minutes! And how many of those minutes is the amygdala at peace – and how many in a state of alarm?
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Video: Matrophilia – Love of the Mother

Matrophilia, the love of the mother, is a cornerstone of Dr. Diamond’s work and the basis of physical, mental, and spiritual health.
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“Reawakening Jen in Our Civilization”

Arthur Waley writes of Jen, our inherent humanity, as “The Way of Goodness, long discarded by the rulers of the world in favour of a Way of violence and aggression.”
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Video: Memories of My Mother

In this video Dr. John Diamond shares some poignant memories of his mother, from his childhood through to her passing.
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“The Perfect Gift”

For his departing student, the Buddhist Master painted a perfect circle.
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