Mothers & Mothering

Video: Lung 1 – The Most Basic Acupuncture Point

Any problem within the Acupuncture System can ultimately be traced back to left Lung 1, the most basic point, which Dr. Diamond associates with Matrophilia, the love of the mother.
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“The surgeon tells me”

The surgeon tells me – almost en passant – that he’s left instructions
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“To every doctor”

To every doctor: At an unconscious level every patient is your mother.
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“Start with Nature without Man”

Start with Nature without Man: a twig, a pebble – whatever.
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“FEEL her love”

Feel – FEEL – FEEL her Love
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“Our basic identity”

Our Basic Identity: I am...
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“‘God’ is Easier”

“God” is easier – more remote...
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“When my mother lay dying”

When my mother lay dying, I should have sung to her
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“The Basic Teaching of Paracelsus and Blake”

For Paracelsus, the imagination was “the central function of man and the source of all his activities.” Blake, heavily influenced by Paracelsus, went one step beyond, capitalizing imagination which could be of anything. Blake referred to Imagination as variously “the Divine-Humanity,” “The Divine Vision,” “the Divine Arts of Imagination.”
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“I want to commune”

I want to commune not primarily with the mystics
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