Mothers & Mothering

“The Ambivalence of Goddesses”

The most interesting recurrent image is the ambivalence of so many of the goddesses: they could help or harm, cure or curse, promote life or destroy it.
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“Mencius and My Mother’s Love”

I will believe, with Mencius, that my inherent nature is to love, as it is the inherent nature of water for it to flow downstream.
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“Helping the Children of Mothers with Schizophrenia”

I remember back in 1960 attending a lecture by a visiting psychiatric dignitary, I believe it was E.J. Anthony. His subject was the children of schizophrenic mothers.
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“Would That We Were All Philomators!”

There were seven Cleopatras, the last one – the one of our fantasies – was Cleopatra VII, the last queen of Egypt. The name is Macedonian meaning “Famous in her Father.”
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“The Goddess in the Home”

If we really believed our mothers deeply loved us – if we Knew their Souls – there would be little need to venture beyond her to the Unknown, no need to seek a goddess out There. For she would be as a goddess in the home.
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“A Life of Cantillation”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful – even if a miracle beyond your present belief – to Feel totally loved – Beloved – by your mother?
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“Thoughts Inspired by John Donne”

"I am a little world made cunningly  Of elements and an angelic sprite." - John Donne, "Holy Sonnets" The “angelic sprite” our Soul, our Jen, our Matrophilia.
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“The Japanese Mother and the Law of Harmonious Flow”

Richard Storry writes of the “devoted attention given, throughout its waking hours, to the Japanese child by the mother,” noting that “the conscious and unconscious Japanese memory of childhood in Arcadia depends surely on the constant proximity, concern, and availability of the mother.”
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“Stagefright and the Mother’s Song”

So-called stagefright is audience fear. And, basically, the audience is always your mother. So it is to them as her that you sing.
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Video: How Matrophilial Is It?

All that matters in a work of art, if it is really to help us, is how how matrophilial it is: how much does it bring us closer to our mother's love?
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