Mothers & Mothering

“The Summation of Your Parents’ Souls”

Anguish is not believing you have a Soul – which, of course, we all always have. When is the Soul created? At your very beginning – the first moment.
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Video: The Critical Importance of Helping Mothers

Humans, of all creatures on Earth, have the most dependent babies, and because of this, the challenges of motherhood are tremendous. By giving mothers help to sustain their love, we will produce children without fear, and thus with no anguish, or hatred.
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“I Always Knew You”

I woke up this morning singing the last line of the traditional ballad “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye” but the words changed to "Mummy, I hardly knew you." And that, tragically, is so true.
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Video: We Live in Imagined Fears

We live much of our lives in fear, but those fears are often imaginary and are the ultimate reason for our life's anguish. They begin prenatally and are exacerbated by the modern birthing process. One in the Mothers and Mothering series of videos.
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Audio Lecture: Creativity and the Lap of Comfort

Dr. Diamond offers a profound reflection on the nature of comfort - and how the true purpose of the arts is to provide it. A talk from November 2020.
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“Mum’s Ring – Our Enso”

Many times my mother’s spirit would come through and mention her ring which Suzie now wears. Mum’s ring – our Enso.
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“My Hara My Mother’s Womb”

Referring to the Hara, Zen Master Daiun Sogaku Harada: “The center of the universe is your belly-cave.” The Hara, the Xia Dantian – is it the second chakra, Swadhisthana?
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“The Gift of a Doll”

My mother once gave me a doll. She Knew I lacked her Instinct – and always would. But she hoped.
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“Thanks, I Needed That!”

Is every experience, whatever it may seem to be, somehow Meant to help us with our mothers and, through them, to Beyond? There used to be a TV ad for an aftershave lotion. The man would apply it to his face – which he’d then slap. The punch-line: “Thanks, I needed that!”
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“Was Omar Khayyam born in a cabbage patch?”

Was Omar Khayyam born in a cabbage patch?
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