Mothers & Mothering

“We All Are Ramakrishnas”

This is Romain Rolland’s praise, in admiration, of Ramakrishna:

The Seraphic Master had spent his whole life at the feet of the Divine Beloved, the Mother – the Living God. He had been dedicated to Her from infancy; before he had attained self-consciousness he had the consciousness that he loved Her.

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“You Are As My Mother”

You are as my mother 
aspired to be: 
when I look in your eyes 
– it’s her love I see. 

This is reprised (“haiku’d”) as

You are as my mother 
– it’s her love I see. 

Which can be further abbreviated to

You are 
– I see. 

And the “you” is anyone, everyone, anything, everything.

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“Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904)”

At the end of his tragically short life (1850-1904), Lafcadio Hearn, “Japan’s Greatest Interpreter,” wrote this in his Reverie.* Especially poignant as he had been separated from his mother since he was two:

“It has been said that men fear death much as the child cries at entering the world, being unable to know what loving hands are waiting to receive it … [A]s a happy fancy it is beautiful … It is beautiful, I think, because it suggests, in so intimate a way, the hope that to larger knowledge the Absolute will reveal itself as the mother – love made infinite … Some all-transfiguring hope created by the memory of Woman as Mother, and the more that races evolve towards higher things, the more Feminine becomes their idea of a God.” 

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“To Know Our Mother’s Soul”

It is imperative, I believe, for us to see, to Know, our mother’s Soul, her Godliness, her Buddha-Nature. Only then can we Know our own – and so, at last, be relieved of our anguish.

This does not mean that our mothers need to change but only our inner image of her.

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