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“The Drum and the Mother”

The basic problem of all existence, the root cause of all human suffering, is alienation from the mother. She was the whole world to us – the source of all love, and the cause of all distress. Reconciliation with her, the grateful reunion, is the task of life. This is the way, the only way, to love and enlightenment. Our homage to maternal love.

And of everything on earth, music can most remind us of her love, and her intention to love, for it came from her, her at her purest, her most Perfect. The pulsations of her body, her rocking, her lilt and her lullaby.

The drum takes us back to the womb, to the world of rhythm. Her rhythm – the pulsation of her heart. So, of all instruments, the drum is the most basic, the most archaic, and (potentially) the most loving.

Her heartbeat
the first Muse message.

the belated reply.


Excerpt from The Way of the Pulse: Drumming with Spirit


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