Mothers & Mothering

“The ‘Magical Event’ of My Mother’s Passing”

In my meditation this morning, this was given to me:

It was Magical
to be with my mother
as she passed over.

the Awareness
of the Supernatural Power
that ever bound us
– and ever will.

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“All Mothers Want Only to Love”

The psychoanalyst George Frankl stated that
All mothers want only to love
and all children want only to be loved.

To which I would add
All children want only to love.

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“Little Boy Lost – and Found”

On a busy street the little boy has lost his mother. He runs towards one mother – then stops because she’s not her. And then another. And another. Becoming ever more desperate.

And then he sees her and runs to her – arms open, smiling.

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“Grateful Thoughts on Tolstoy’s ‘The Kingdom of God is Within You'”

I rest all of my work on what could be called a personification, a domestication, of Tolstoy's "kingdom of God." Here is how he ends his great treatise.
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“The Two Kalis”

Within each of us there are two Kalis – the mother of fear and the Divine Mother of Love. The holiness of Sri Ramakrishna was that he came to Know only Her.
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“The Drum Is Your Mother”

Not only is music associated with The Mother, with our mothers – but especially so is the drum. Marija Gimbutas, drawing on her most extensive analysis of the signs and design patterns that appear repeatedly in the cult objects and painted pottery of Neolithic Europe, writes concerning the Goddess and music about "the intimate relation between the drum and the Goddess."
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“The Pulse, the Mother, Music and Water”

My soul is an enchanted boat.
Which, like a sleeping swan, doth float
Upon the silver waves of thy sweet singing.

– Shelley

The pulse, the mother, music and water. Let's see if we can draw all these together. When we think of the word pulse, words invoking fluidity come to us like blood, flow, and waves. One of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) definitions of pulse is "the rhythmical recurrence of... undulations." It gives this illustrative quotation: "like the pulse of the flowing sea."
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“Beat versus Pulse”

All music comes from the mother. From the rhythmic pulsation which we felt when inside her, and then later from her cradling and rocking, her lilt and her lullaby. And all love came from her – and all negativity. Within each of us there are two mothers, the one we know who loves us – and the one we fear, the one we must obey: “She who must be obeyed.”

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Video: The Valley Spirit

In this free video, Dr. Diamond equates the "Valley Spirit" of Lao Tzu with the mother of love. One in the "Mothers and Mothering" series of videos.
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“The Drive for Life”

There are so many procedures and techniques, systems and modalities, all proclaiming themselves as therapy. They are entitled to do so only if, whatever the means whereby, they raise the Life Energy, the Healing Power within the sufferer: if they raise the sufferer’s will to be well, if they enhance his Life Energy.
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