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“Music and Mothering”

Throughout the ages music has been associated with mothering. The first sounds the baby hears are those of his mother – her breathing, her pulse and of course her voice transmitted to him through his watery environment. He is in a sea of pulsation, all generated by the mother.

In the outer world when he is on her belly and at her breast, he still hears her pulsations and especially her voice. There is no sound more loving, more comforting, more divine, than the sound of the special voice that the mother uses for her baby. It is pure love, “the eternal musical instrument of heaven and earth,” as John Ruskin expressed it. Out of it arises the most basic and greatest of all songs, the lullaby. The whole essence of music, no matter how complex and sophisticated it may have become, is based on the sounds of the mother. And all the healing powers of music relate to the divinity of her love for her baby, and the wish to fully communicate this to him, to relieve every stress and discomfort and bathe him totally in the glory of mother love. He is held and cradled and rocked and nursed and bathed to the sound of the mother’s divine peaceful

Music invokes the divine love of the mother. It is her breath, her pulse, her spirit.


Extract from the book Music and Song


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