Video: Another Way of Looking at Art

Dr. Diamond offers a different way of looking at art, one that is free and comes from the real depths of the artist.
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Video: Art and Spontaneity

Dr. Diamond's artwork is truly spontaneous - that is, done without deliberation and very quick - and always with the hope of creating a spark that will raise the Life Energy of the viewer.
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“There Are No Words for the Feeling of Love”

Ask not what the painting means but what it does – your experience of it. But then – putting words to the raw feeling will disempower it. Which does more – the words of love or the smile?
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“Fascination and the Soul”

Our word fascination comes from the same root that gave us basket: a binding together, an interweaving, a oneness of the fibers, a union, a fusion – yoga. Today the word is debased, has lost its essential magic; we even proclaim we are fascinated by TV ads! But it is not so. We are not fascinated – only attracted, drawn, to them (from the Latin trahere, to draw). Attracted to, but not bound to, one with. Merely superficial, momentary, evanescent, with little deep or lasting worth.
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“The Role of the Artist”

The role of the Artist is to render Spirit...
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“My Paintings Have No Story”

“Every picture tells a story.” D. T. Suzuki wrote of “The Zen Doctrine of No-Mind,” achieved through meditation. Yen Hui, the favorite pupil of Confucius, spoke of “sit and forget everything.” That is, meditating with no-mind.
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“The Emanation from the Soul”

Emanate: from the Latin e, out of, and manare, to flow. So an emanation is that which flows out from. Music emanates, as does all art.
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“Tapping Directly into the Soul of the Artist”

If we could directly tap into the Muse, the Soul, of the artist, we would see, we would hear, we would Feel, we would Know, what no artist has yet been able to fully Reveal.
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“Dada Art – Mama Art”

The origin of the word dada is disputed. I like Shipley’s: "Baby talk, imitative. The first two sounds an infant makes seem to be ma and pa."
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“Does the Botticelli Make Me Feel More Matrophilial?”

How many millions have puzzled over Botticelli's “La Primavera” – and the infinite reproductions. And all the basic question: What's it about?
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